Santa’s Little Helper?

Five (Six?) Respects and an FNG at Metro’s premier Saturday workout – Mustang. Hillary was intent Sunday at Caffeine on making sure I knew that we had five respects at Mustang. I think the number was actually six. Weather was nice but it was a grinder.

The Thang

  • Through campus to the MPHS Runnymede entrance (yes I missed my planned stop location)
  • COP (SSH x20, Merkins x15, Squats x19 – car!, Flutte…nevermind another car, let’s move)
    • Let the record show that the pax was very respectful and not at all bothered by my chosen COP location
  • Back up the hill to the newly groomed MPHS trails for some Indian Run to Colony
  • Mosey down to Colony and Picardy, Partner up
  • Run the Picardy, Lorene, Normandy, Colony block; one partner each way with 10 hand slap merkins back at the start
    • Lap 1 – Merkins 15 at each corner
    • Lap 2 – Jump Squats 15 at each corner
    • Lap 3 – LBCs 15 at each corner
    • Lap 4 – Wide Arms 15 at each corner
  • Back to MPHS Arch
  • Dips x 15, Step Ups 20 OYO, Dips x 15, Step Ups 20 OYO
  • Mary – Dolly, Flutters, Russian Twist all x20
  • Back to the MPHS trails to the back lot
  • Six stops for 10x Dry Docks on the loop
  • Mosey up to the sprint lot (or whatever it is called) for well, sprints of some amount
  • Head to home base with a stop for 10 burpees
  • Close it out with 20x Flutters


  • Hillary brought out an FNG – Southside – who was down raising money for Gilman. He cruised through the workout and certainly knows how to prioritize his fundraising efforts. His naming brought out a multitude of options, with Frogger cussing me for not going with Santa’s Little Helper after the Gilman Greyhounds. Others were equally unflattering and non-sensical but Hillary ultimately protected his boy with the sweet Southside handle.
  • I’m not sure Benefactor broke a sweat out front. LBC was pushing it all morning after back to back Qs Thursday and Friday and SIB Sprint day in his rear view mirror. Don’t get in front of WUC on sprints either. Several almost got trampled.
  • COT was a cluster of announcements and naming. Sorry not to end it but I was entertained.
  • Thanks for the keys Waco; he is looking for more Qs through September. Step up. Nothing like leading Mustang to figure out how to burn it just hard enough to keep pushing people but not completely smoke yourself.
  • Thank you Kit for the takeout.

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