Sweet 6 BB: Chicken Grease

~36 big ballers, mini-ballers, ballerettes and wanna-be-ballers got their run on this morning.

Lot of wheelin’ and dealin’ at the after party.  Thin Slice and his dad, Mark (who by the way looks better with that sweet-ass beard, less face is good on him, not b/c his face is ugly but b/c he looks like Jorge Clooney when he rocks it)…anyway back to Thin Slice (who by the way said “THE Thin Slice” at COT, huh? This ain’t the NFL rookie) approached Hi, My Name is Cindy and asked if he wanted to drive their van at BRR.

Never seen that dude caught off guard but it was such an outrageous comment he was momentarily paralyzed.  You could tell that he didn’t know whether to punch or run.  He choose the middle ground and told THE Thin Slice to go fk himself, preferably with his dad’s fist.  That Cindy is such a sweetheart.

Then EZ Rings was summoned by DW, El Colonel and Tango Delta.  “Hey man, you wanna join a 6 man?”  EZ – isn’t that like 35 miles a person?  TD – something like that but broken up, you don’t actually run all 35 at one time.  EZ – Cool, so when THE Thin Slice is done with his dad’s fist you can eat it.

At this point, Horn in his infinite wisdom suggests we start an F3 Swap & Shop Message Board to handle these kind of issues.  OBT says that’s a great idea and he’ll be happy to license the logo and only take 17% of each transaction.  Just kidding it all goes to the kids.

Kids like those at Let Me Run which is an awesome program.  I’ve helped coach 3 years now and will be back again this fall.  It’s 2 days a week, for 2 hours, for 10 weeks.  I volunteer 1 of the days, so not a big deal.  It’s an after-school (or before at some places) running program just for boys.  But the best part is the 5k at the end of the season.  It’s awesome seeing 750 pumped up 4th & 5th graders run their 1st 5k.  The little dudes are on top of the world and half the parents are crying.  That alone is worth getting involved.  Don’t get me wrong, you want to kick those punks during the season but the end is still worth it all.  We have a ton of F3 guys already helping – Fishwrap, Gitmo, Freeloader, Sub4, The Rock, Fa So La to name a few but could use some more help.  Check out the website or email FNG Tramp Stamp at jays@letmerun.org.

If that’s not your thing, drop a dime or 2 in the bucket for Give2Give.  Think of all the YMCA money you’ve saved and take a piece of that.  TODAY IS THE LAST DAY #GiveItAway It will take 10 seconds.

Lastly, hook up any Chicago clowns at Chicago@f3nation.com

peace and chicken grease,


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