An Energetic Ensemble


An energetic ensemble this morning at Cherokee.  Out of five guys, we had two committed to Q.  Not too bad.

Titan joined us for the COT after he had covered 14 miles today.  Tantrum approached him to Q today as well and we’re glad we had another option.  Titan had to get some miles in today, a lot of miles, and that was exactly his plan if he was the Q.

At 6:55 Eye Chart and I talked it over, and he allowed me to take the wheel and see what I could do.

I did my best to keep us out of the ditch.  Here’s how it went:

2 laps around the parking lot.  Two chances to say hi to the spaghetti six guys as we ran by.

10 burpees

20 ssh

20 mountain climbers

20 merkins

15 IW

15 squats

Run to the side of the museum for 11s, donkey kicks and air presses.  The Angry Donkey.

Down Museum Way or whatever that road is called, bear crawl about 100 yards, then lunge walk another 100 yards, then run to the intersection.

20 flutter kicks

20 dollies

20 heels to Heaven

20 Polish twists

Run to the top of Hempstead.

20 dying cockroach

Elbow plank for about a minute, left hand high, right hand high, then we tried to do some J-Lo’s.  Everyone else might have been doing fine but the Q was just making a mess of them so we stopped after 6.

Run to fountain in front of the museum.  15 LBCs and then 15 real crunches.  Feet flat on the ground, count 1 crunch up, hold it through counts 2 and 3 concentrating on contracting the abs and pressing the lower back into the ground, back down on count 4.

Partner up.

Partner 1 do your best to hold 6 inches.  If you have to rest, go into a regular plank.  Partner 2 run to the sundial where the jump ropes are.  Do 20 straight jump ropes without messing up. If you mess up you have to start over and your partner will be getting more and more disappointed the longer you take.  Then flapjack.

Do 3 rounds of that.

Run to the sundial.

Partner 1 jump rope.  Partner 2 run down the wall to the steps and do 20 dips and 20 derkins.  Run back down the wall and flapjack.

3 rounds of that.

COT – but not so fast!  Buzzcock, man of unwavering integrity didn’t think he gave 100% on the last drill.  So he gave 10 additional burpees before we resumed the COT.  Eye Chart can’t stand to see a man do burpees on his own.  So we had two men doing burpees – totally voluntary, optional, overtime burpees.

No other takers.

Thanks Natasha for the takeout.


Inspire 5K benefitting the Lilly Pad foundation on 9/24.  Get registered.

BRR this week coming up. If you’re running it, you already know it.

There was one other thing and I just don’t remember what it was.

I appreciate the chance to Q Cherokee again.  It’s been a while – too long for sure.

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