Exercised A Lot Of Options Today


This format of starting the workout in front of the Rescue Mission entrance seems to be working out well.  We know that guys have classes, chapel, and other important things going on in the morning, and sticking around for a few minutes does a few things. It keeps us around in case someone is running a few minutes late.  Also, it advertises.  Other guys starting their cleaning duties can see us and say “I can do that!”

So that’s what we do now.  COP in front of the CRM:

20 SSH

20 mountain climbers

10 merkins

15 windmills

15 squats

15 LBCs

15 real crunches – Feet flat on the ground, count 1 crunch up, hold it through counts 2 and 3 concentrating on contracting the abs and pressing the lower back into the ground, back down on count 4.  Don’t pull your head.  Crunch those abs.

My original thought was to head up the hill and over to the parking lot.  But when I thought that, I wasn’t thinking about the South Carolina-NC State game today.  With a lot of cars, trucks, and RVs trying to figure out where they’re going and where to park, it seemed silly to try to work out in that mess.

So we audibled and went down the hill.  It wouldn’t be our last audible of the day.

We ran down the hill and were going straight for the rock pile.  But again, we have to share the outdoors with everyone and their dog.  So audible again.  We circled up to do a little work while we regrouped.

When we were all back together, we ran over to the bridge, bear crawled across the bridge and gathered at the benches for 20 dips.

From there, the idea was to head through the tunnel to the basketball courts.  Have you ever seen that tunnel after a big rain?  A layer of slimy, smelly mud.  Back the other way.

We headed toward the I-77 bridge and stopped at the pullup bars to work some core and regroup.  After some bicycles and a 10 count, we drove the herd up to the bridge.  Partner up.

Partner 1 run to the other side of the tunnel (edge of the shadow) and back, while partner 2 did knee ups.  Flapjack.  3 rounds.

We moseyed out of there and veered to the right toward the parking lots.  A little reminder that there will be girls up here so hustle, look good, and no loafing.  We made it through some tailgates setting up, and it was starting to smell good.  Hurricane got a little held up looking for a hotdog.  Who doesn’t love a hotdog at 9:30?

To regroup, Ragdoll Patriot led us in some core exercises.  Brilliantly done.  He’s a natural at this.  We did some heels to heaven and then headed out to do one more thing that nobody would like.

We ran to the bottom of Cedar and ran up the hill doing an increasing number of burpees at each tree on the right.  There were six of them.  Then we ran up to the white wall.

Wall sit for a minute or so.  20 air presses.  Down 2 inches.  Wait.  20 more air presses.  Pop up and shake it out.  Do 20 donkey kicks OYO.  Do that sequence again.

Run back to COT.

Great job by Racer (FNG) for doing the workout with one arm.  You should see this guy do one-arm merkins.  He modified when necessary and hung tough the whole time.

A shout out to Playa too.  This guy is becoming a regular around here.

The workout is great at MIP, but let’s be honest, the COT is better than anywhere else.  A great takeout from a lot of the guys as always.  Heartfelt stuff.

Someday we’ll get some t-shirts.  I think I have 2 XLs left.  Hurricane has been hearing my same story for 3 or 4 weeks now.  Let’s get the big man a shirt.

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  • September 5, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    May be out of 2XL until winter and hoodies. May have to just ask to be patient, or hit up some double-downs so that the XL work. #motivation #goals

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