Hard Rock Cafe

100% chance of thunderstorms never materialized so the Target deck was scrapped in favor of the rock quarry.  Not much of a quarry really but there are plenty of rocks underneath the Charlottetown overpass for each of the pax to find one that fits (big enough that you don’t embarrass yourself).

Mosey to the best grass in F3 land for warmarama. SSH, IW, and MC.

Head north on the greenway stopping at rail/wall combo by Vivace. 20 jump ups, 15 rail squats, 12 derkins.  RxR with 15, 12, and 19 reps. Once again with 10, 8, and 8 reps.

Run to Dressler stage.  Grab a piece of wall.  20 dips, 20 Bulgarian butt busters, and 12 reverse grip inclines. RxR with 15, 16, and 10 reps.  Once again with 12, 12 and 8 reps.

Mosey to Charlottetown underpass and select an appropriate man-sized rock.  Move to bottom of bottom of stairway.  10 thruster presses at bottom, 10 sumo squat curls at the top.  Three rounds.

Mosey with rockto grassy knoll (corner of Kenilworth and Charlottetown).  10 (for real) rock hoppers, polish twist w/ rock, SSH x 10.  10 prisoner get ups w/ rock, boat w/ 10 rock presses, SSH.  8 each leg kneeling rock twists, dolly with rock held high, SSH. Modified Jack Webb: merkin plus rock press – up to 5 and back down.

Mosey back to stairway for another up and down.  10 pike ups at the top, 10 squat triceps press at bottom. Three rounds.

Run back to home.

COT – Tesla takes us out.

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  • September 6, 2017 at 7:31 am

    watch out for ants!! Foo got eaten on the legs, me….my neck looks like a reptile. maybe an iguana…no, more of a gecko.

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