Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse!

YHC has realized that Pax like to race through their exercises as if there is somewhere else they’d like to be. Almost like they are Millennials expecting a trophy for participating. The problem with this is that their form goes out the window. To properly incentivize them I promised that things are only going to get worse as we proceed so no sense in rushing.

And so it was that 4 mighty core warriors set off for a series of exercises that went from bad to worse.  Here’s how it went:

Standard warm up:  SSH, Imperial Walkers and Sharon Towers @ 10 X

Merkin Mash Up followed by stretch until Q says enough:

  • Regular + Mountain Climber @ 10 X OYO
    • Left foot to Left hand stretch and hold
  • Stagger Right + Parker Peter @ 10 X OYO
    • Right foot to Right hand stretch and hold
  • Stagger Left  + Peter Parker @ 10 X OYO
    • Left foot to Left hand plus stretch & hold plus twist right then left
  • Diamond + Mountain Climber @ 10 X OYO
    • Right foot to Right hand stretch & hold plus twist right then left

Mosey to field with KB overhead


  • Swings, Hammer curls, Upright rows, Triceps extension, Upright rows, Press ups, Squats (Goblets)
  • @ 10 X for each exercise, no putting down the KB
  • Plank when finished
  • 3 rounds (these seem easy at first, but by the 3rd round your smoked)

Mosey around the track 1 lap (yes, there is running in CORE)

Mosey to picnic benches with KB overhead

  • 11’s: Double Time Step Ups + Donkey Kicks
  • 11’s: Dips + Makhtar N’Diayes

Mosey to playground with KB overhead

  • Pull ups, Derkins, Step Ups and Dips @ 10 X
  • Pax complained so we only did one round and then made it worse by going to the wall

Power to the People’s Chair

  • Deep PC with KB and backs flat against the wall, when posture was just right Q requested Beaver give a 10 count.  Beaver decided now was a great time for a slow count.  While YHC loved it, Hall Pass was not amused.
  • PTTPC is a mash up of People’s Chair plus Press Ups followed by leg lift as the KB comes down.  10 times In Cadence
  • These are as bad as they seem, as promised

Mosey to Parking Lot with KB overhead

Mary – two rounds @ 20 X and 10 X

  • Knee Ups
  • Trump Twists (same a Russian Twists but you complain that you never did them while doing them) Peppers made an additional requirement that for would be in appropriate to publish
  • Louganis

Finally, to make it worse we repeated foot to hand with twist stretches and then the worst of the worst. The last “exercise” shavasna which is the last pose in a yoga calls and entails lying still on your back with no talking for an entire minute.  The howling from the Pax still rings in my ears.


  • G2G raised $117,000 versus a goal of $28,000
  • Core 5 year party coming up
  • Convergence on Monday @ Indy

YHC knew he kept his promise of making things worse as we went along.  The MC faded away during the exercises and Pepper threw stones at me during COT. Mission Accomplished!

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