Resistance Bands – We’ve Only Just Begun

15 Splinter Group faithful posted on what may have been the last cool morning for a while.  After a warm up parking lot lap of high knees, butt kicks and karaoke, hit the streets for another hilly course.

Up Radcliffe to Selwyn, merkins while all brothers arrived, COP with SSH, Copperhead Squats

Down Queens to Oxford for next stop at Myers Park Presbyterian Church parking lot.  Protractor, Reverse Crunches, People’s Chair with Air Presses (2 rounds).  (Thought about COP in Belk’s front yard)

Down Hampton with next stop at Malvern.  Partner up for partner derkins.  All out up to top of Malvern (the last 50 yards is a killer!).  First to arrive, turn around and head back to Hampton, picking up the Pax along the way.  A few Feddie Mercury’s and we’re on our way.

Hampton to Beverly to Rensselaer to Sharon.  Calf raises some ab work, then back to AO.

Just enough time for some resistance band work…..everyone’s favorite!

NMM:  Really solid work by everyone today. Belk is definitely getting ready for BRR as he, Skoal, Torpedo, Grapevine, Eminem, Thuggins and My Little Friend seemed unbothered by the hills.   The rest of us, however, were right on their heels most of the morning.  Maybe we’re all getting faster! The cooler weather had us in good spirits, and at least there was no obvious grumbling about using the resistance bands.  We did 2 exercises. A quick Google search the night before listed 33 resistance band exercises (some in positions that we as men should simply not do….at least not in public).  So they may be back.  Kiefer, isn’t it nice to know that latex has more than one purpose!

Announcements.  Labor Day Convergence at Indy AO (Independence Park).  Eminem is the Core Q, and answering a special question about F3 may help you get through the workout on Monday.  Core party at Motley’s house on October 8.

Thanks to Hallpass for the takeout.




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