Rock Pile: Part Deux

COP: 20 SSH, 20 IW, 10WM, 20LSS

Mosey to Chambwood and Belvedere.   20X Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Ashland and Kensington.   20X Partner Durkins

Mosey to Randall and Fulton: 20X Plank Jacks

Mosey to Landis and Hamorton 20 Hand-slap Merkins

Alternate Bear Crawl / Crab walk from Landis to Nandina

Grab a rock: Curls for the Girls 10X in cadence, Overhead Press 16X in cadence, Skull Crushers 12X in cadence.

Lunge walk from Nandina to Landis with Burpee at every tree.

LBC (50X) while wait for the 6

Mosey back to Randall and Kenwood: Partner Leg Throws

Mosey back to Kenwood and Kensington:   Something?

Mosey back to Kenwood and Midwood: Freddie Mercury

Mosey back to COT; Missing D’ leads Mary while wait for the 6.


Welcome FNG Keith “Primanti” and FNG Chad “Dirt Devil”


Freeloader: sign-up to Q work-out or lead part of one

Missing D’: 2 Miler: Extra Credit every Saturday; 6:30 a.m.

Pipeline: Lunge Walk a Mile in Another Man’s Boots.  Sat Sept. 9th.

Freeloader: FIA (Females in Action) Bootcamp at 8:15 in Midwood Park.

Tips with the take-out


Great to see Slaughter, who really appreciated the Bear Crawls / Crab Walks

Kudos to Freeloader for hanging with Pax with bum knee

Great to have War Baby Friendly Fire (6 years old), pushing the pace on Bear Crawls

Villa discovers new muscles each time he posts; nice job F3 Midwood; that’s how it should be

Kudos to Bluejay for headlocking two FNGs

Welcome to the ‘hood Primanti!

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