It’s all about the Benjamins Baby

20 Pax showed up, most regretted it during, all enjoyed it after.

“Uhh, uh-huh, yeah
It’s all about the Benjamins baby

Now… what y’all wanna do?
Wanna be ballers? Shot-callers?

Song was stuck in my head for some odd reason….so decided to let Puff Daddy (aka P-Diddy, aka Sean Combs) ode to Benjamin Franklin dictate the Q today. 100 reps of every exercise, not including COP. To my delight the pax also focused on form and if 100 was too much, we modified to get the desired burn.

To the train lot for COP: SSH, Merkins, Squats….distracted by 3 shirtless men fly by the pax in their jaunt through tax payer paid freedom park. Chair Thrower, Fa So La, The Knack (mistakenly identified as Foul Ball).

Head to the pond stopping at the rock wall for Dips. 100 OYO. Most guys only had to take 2 breaks at 50 and 75 mark, solid.

To the pond to start the madness. Start with the typical Route 66 and double it….hit every light post on the right and do said exercise. Start with 1 rep, increase by 1 to 10 and then back down to 1.
Lap 1: Burpees = 100 total burpees
Mary while pax gathers: 50 IC LBC = 100 single count, 50 IC Oblique Crunch = 100 single count
Lap 2: Squats = 100 total Squats
Mary while pax gathers: 50 IC Flutters = 100 single count

Mosey to the Panthers Play60 zone…partner up for Merkin Pyramid.
Partner A does 1 merkin, Partner B does 1, then 2/2, 3/3…up to 10 and back down to 1. = 100 Merkins per partner

Start heading back to base. Start lunge walking at the dumpster, once you hit 100 lunges run back to base.

2.5 miles and 100 reps of 8 different exercises for 800 total reps. That’s a good combination for a Wednesday morning. Next time we’ll shot for 10×100 = 1000 plus mileage in our allotted time slot.

The pax became pretty split up during the pond laps but the usual suspects pushing it: BB, Dib, Teaser, Paula, Gentle Ben… I can attest for Paula’s burpee form….don’t get to close to him or you may get a donkey kick to the face with a shoe covered in fresh dog doodoo. Lots of complaining after the 100 burpees but it was expected. Glad everyone held each other accountable and did them all.

Minimal chatter today…the focus was on Getting it Done!

One BRR participant joined us today, Screech. Goodluck to you this Friday and to the rest of the BRR guys. You are all welcome back to boot camp workouts next week. I’m sure many of you have shirt sleeves to fill up, some muscle weight to gain back, and some overuse injuries to cool off. Stay safe and be smart up there.

Smokey with the take out. Keep those in the path of Mother Nature’s destruction past (Harvey) and future (Irma) in your thoughts this week.

-Redd Foxx

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