With BRR this weekend, I wasn’t sure what to expect at Ranger this morning. Most of F3 Metro have been tapering down. To give the PAX some control over their their level of output, I decided an AMRAP was in order.

Regardless of the PAX’s BRR status, everyone brought it. It should go without saying, Lee was setting the pace. What a beast. Hillary, Boone & Free Fall weren’t far behind. This was my first time sharing the field with Free Fall. I was impressed. I’m looking forward to many more Rangers with you. Now let me go back to Hillary. I know its not #MCM, but good gravy he brings it every. single. time. At Ranger. At WIB. At PWW. It don’t matter. The flappers get on him for ripping off that shirt sometimes, but if the modeling agents over at Eddie Bauer or IZOD ever decide to go for a 5:30 am stroll, I think they’ll find their guy. (Sorry Hill, I don’t know how to say it without sounding creepy and I don’t intend it to be disrespectful)

Good luck to everyone running BRR. Enjoy the struggle. Enjoy your teammates. Enjoy the nice temps we should be getting.

The Thang:

Right on Park, Left on Torrence and down Elizabeth to the Captain Jack area on the Greenway (~0.6 miles)

The Loop:

  1. 10 derkins off the wall, run over to the Muthaship Monday parking lot
  2. 10 dips off the wall, run up 4th to the Jury Parking deck
  3. Backwards run up the ramps (stop at the first opening. Do not run the entire ramp), run straight on the flats until you reach the top
  4. 20 knee-ups at the top of the deck, run down the stairs
  5. 5 burpees at the bottom, run back up and down the stairs again, 5 burpees at the bottom, run out taking a right-on Elizabeth and back into the Greenway to the circular rock wall
  6. 10 jump-ups (or 5 step-ups each leg), run back to the beginning (#1 above) and repeat until 6:10.
  7. Head back to the Lot.


Mileage: ~ 4 miles

Keep those who are battling the Hurricanes in your thoughts.

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