New Q for the BRR peaking Sweet Six week

Your Q tomorrow is TrampStamp. You named him last week, you get him as Q this week. It will be his first Q but I figure the crowd will be smaller-ish with BRR Friday and friendlier with the BRR Friday.

To help him in this effort I’ve typed out a handy 5 step guide for him and those that attend…

  1. COT (Circle of Trust) – Where everyone gathers in a circle after the run. The Q (TrampStamp) will lead….
  2. Countarama / Namearama – Count off the group (1, 2, 3,…) then each person states their hospital name, F3 name and age
  3. Q asks group for any announcements…
  4. Q asks if anyone would like to lead the take out (short prayer or reflection for the group)
  5. Q then types up names of attendees, any funny anecdotes from the morning and any announcements and sends them to 20/20 to post.



The Thang: Sweet 6 Regular Route (6.3 miles)

Launch from Christ Episcopal Church

You should plan to finish 6:10 – 6:15AM



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