Kotter Q at Attila

19 strong posted on the coolest morning since March for a welcome back Kotter Q…


Mosey to the best grass in Charlotte for warm-up…the dew has been disturbed…FIA has been here…Hoo-ah! HA! Oh yeah #Pacino

SSH x 15 IC, IW x 15IC, Mountain Climbers x 15IC, hold for quick plankorama and merkins x 10IC

The Thang

Mosey to the end line and Partner up.  P1 runs to Will Call for 10 WWII Sit-ups and returns while P2 BearCrawls the entire field and lunge walks back, with WWIIs while waiting on partner to return.  Flap Jack, then Rinse and Repeat.  FIA is back in the mix…Hoo-ah!  HA!  Let’s mosey…to the bridge and grab a rock.  Fast walk with rocks overhead to the Vivace wall for:  People’s Chair with Rock Air Presses x 15IC, then Copperhead Rock Squats x 15IC, then 15 triceps OYO.  Repeato x 10 all exercises same format.  Repeato x 5 all exercises.  Fast mosey back to Bridge.  Drop your rocks, 10 count and partner up.  P1 runs to Will Call for 10x merkins and back, while P2 runs the stairs for 10WWII sit-ups at the top.  Flapjack.  Rinse and repeat.  Back to the bridge.  Grab a larger rock for 15x Copperhead Rock Squats x 15IC, and Triceps x 15 OYO.  Then x 10, then by 5.  Drop rocks, and mosey back to AO for some Mary.  Dying cockroaches x15IC, Rosalitas x 15 IC, LBCs x 15IC, rollover for merkins x 10IC, on your back for dollies x 15IC, then roll back over for Makhthars x 10IC.


QIC has been on the IR sick bed and was very happy to be back in attendance with this fine group of men, exploding lungs aside.  Good thing is it’s like an old hat.  Rev is always up for some mumblechatter, and the usual suspects still complain.  Thanks for welcoming me back.  I hope to be back to normal soon.

Great takeout by Tesla.

Always a pleasure to lead this fine group of men

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