Prestige Worldwide: The Revolution (or is it an Evolution?)

There comes a time in every man’s life when change knocks on the door.  Sometimes it’s an expected one, a soft knock.  Sometimes it’s sudden and violent, hinges blown off by a battering ram and guns blazing.  This was neither of those.  This was a highly coordinated, well thought out, superbly executed plan.

July 11, 2016, exactly 14 months ago we launched #PrestigeWorldwide with the typical fan fair that befits such a grand occasion.  Wacky wavy inflatable tube guys stood next to flood lights which were next to DJ Jazzy Jeff who was next to funnel cake trucks which were next to pony rides which was next to the media pit.  CMPD was kind enough to offer their services to guide traffic and parking attendants were on their parking game.

Ah the times we had.  We’ve visited all corners of Uptown, SouthEnd and Dilworth over these 14 glorious months.  We’ve run off more than a few FNGs, we’ve staged knife fights with “competing” Monday options, we’ve visited the Muthaship more than necessary.  And not once did we convince any of the Dowd faithful to join us #giveitaway.

So I’ve been contemplating my role with P2W the last few months.  Numbers died down over the summer but I attribute it to;

  1. Horsey McFkFace – people getting their BRR training on and rightfully so
  2. Beef Cake Status – the OGH’s (Original Gangsta #HIMs)/ SouthBeach Elite/ the owners of the Busted Paw/ The Bat MF Flippers deciding it’s time to sling iron for a spell and their presence alone is a draw #noautographsorpictures

But this is still the best Monday option and arguably one of the best weekly options out there.  So if my time had come to hand it off, who could handle it?

I turned to Fishwrap for some advice.  He said we should try Duck, Duck, Goose at COT.  And I said, no that’s stupid.  Then he said “I know you are but what am I. What about just giving it to the 1st guy you see when you pull up?”  Nah, what if there are 2 or 3 dudes standing there and I kind of see them all at once?   “Good point, that could be very confusing.”  “I’ve got it, Russian Roulette and the last survivor gets it!”  Yeah, not sure guns are allowed on Dowd property but I like where you’re going.  “Ok, bare knuckle brawl, winner takes all?”

So that’s what we did.

Gandalf, welcome back to the top my man.  What you and Caesar did with Young Guns was the 1st bold move in Metro.  One that in my opinion started the reputation that Metro earned.  Ranger and Muthaship were absolutely part of that but who races every single week?!  That was good.  That was fun.  I’d get a pit in my stomach every Monday night waiting for the YG route to post #VirtualTrophy.  It’s dumb when you think about it but it’s true.  For those that made YG a regular stop, you know what I mean.  While there will never be another YG or Muthaship or original Ranger, PrestigeWorldwide has a little bit of all 3 of those in it’s bones and you’re the man to continue the tradition.

Until your not and people stop going and you have to shut down another workout.  But until then, you’re the man…


Oh, and we did stuff today at PWW.  Hard stuff.

2 thoughts on “Prestige Worldwide: The Revolution (or is it an Evolution?)

  • September 11, 2017 at 2:31 pm

    1. Seriously Gandalf and TML… PWW today? You guys are some badass MFers.
    2. Ballz, a melancholy happy trails to you. Felt like I made it to the show when I could hang at this one. And remember that time you had to hold that FNGs hair when he puked in front of the ladies walking on Tryon after puking over the side of the top of the Muthaship. You are a good site-Q sir.

  • September 11, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    I’ve seen Gandalf use a bicycle as a weapon and defenseless men yell rape at this workout.

    It’s that good. Welcome back, Gandalf. I can’t be sure what Bllz told you, but P2W Site Q is actually the equivalent of a mail room position. It’s arguably the toughest 45 minutes in Metro and the pay is horrible. It’s a blue collar workout for the blue collar hearted man that likes to do hard stuff.

    You’re the right man for that gig.

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