Anyone who wants to be a can’t hack it pantywaist who wears his mama’s bra – raise your hand

Just 4 posted for SIB today. BRR recovery and rain and wind and a hard workout and all that.

2nd Tuesday so we did hills. Was pretty easy since nothing in Barclay Downs resembles the BRR course.

Sub4 looks fully recovered already – and he is still going shirtless even though I’m about to need gloves. It is less laundry anyways. Got to keep getting ready for Chicago Marathon coming up next month.

Federalist is simply a machine – strong BRR effort and back out there on the next Tuesday no problem.

Dib is the man with solid hill effort and nice takeout for us at the end.

The rest of you were missed. Even threw in some new stretches and stuff.

The Thang: Warm up in parking lot with leg swings and side lunges. 15 minutes of jogging with some squats at the end. Intervals of 2 minutes hard, 1 minute recovery. Repeat 9x. Cool down for ~8-9 minutes including some stretches – hip flexors, hamstrings, etc.

Most of the intervals on hills – Fellsway, Hatherly, Scofield, etc.


Check out – read the book, get tickets for the movie event coming up on 11/2. The two guys that wrote it (Justin and Patrick) are amazing. They may not call it F3, but what they provide for each other is exactly what F3 is all about – authentic relationships, brotherhood, love with some CSAUP thrown in so it doesn’t get too dramatic.

I’m still getting ready for Marine Corps Marathon. Owen was born ready. Many thanks for the donations to MDA already received. Please continue to support us in the effort.

Bonus points if you know the movie quote that is the BB title.

Next week is timed intervals – but fewer hills than this week – Maybe some laps around the mall or in Olde Foxcroft. TBD.

Let me know if you want to Q SIB. As noted in previous backblast, actively seeking volunteers.

One thought on “Anyone who wants to be a can’t hack it pantywaist who wears his mama’s bra – raise your hand

  • September 12, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    1. The Sandlot
    2. Fed, what in heavens name are you doing? Plenty of time for P2C train up. Please take time to recover.
    3. Sub4 is young and mean and awesome and can do what he wants.
    4. Hey DIB
    5. Nash, you were missed at BRR. I think we could go sub24.

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