Irma No Match for Fortitude’s Fortitude

As many of you know, it never rains (continuously) at Fortitude. This morning, 11 men celebrated Irma’s arrival with running and exercises.

We started off with Circle of Pain on the Shelter landing.

Approximately: Side Straddle Hop, Copperhead Squat, Merkin, Mountain Climber, Flutter, Wide Arm, Low Slow Squat (which BTW is a completely different exercise vs. Copperheads), Monkey Humper, Little Baby Crunch. All in cadence, mostly 20s with a few 10s and odd numbers.

Mosey north on Tryon, stop under the underpass, People’s Chair while everyone gathers. Continue across to Ashby for double Sevens  of Diamonds and Bobby Hurleys (both exercises top and bottom) on the hill. Plank variations while everyone finishes up.

Mosey to the Rockpile and select a coupon. Shoulder Press, Curls, Skullcrusher. In cadence, ~20x each. Drop the coupon, Rosalita, Carolina Dry Dock, Little Baby Crunch. Find your coupon again – Goblet squat, Curl, Skullcrusher. Replace coupons.

Mosey south on Tryon to corner of Wadsworth. Partner up and run Four Corners around Elm and Liddell, with 10 squats on each corner and 10 Handslap Merkins every time you meet your partner. 2x.

Mosey back to the Shelter. 10 Bobby Hurleys OYO.

FNG Leonard is a Steelers fan, and a defensive end, hence Curtains, after the Steel Curtain defense. He seemed pleased with the name.

Orlando started the takeout and most everyone chimed in – thoughts and prayers to those affected, some profoundly, by the recent storms.


  • The rain really did turn into a refreshing mist while we were in COP
  • Gridlock, Country, and Pipeline all lunged a mile for the Good Soles event this past weekend and helped raise $5,000 for steel-toed footwear that Shelter residents and other men will use to facilitate employment in the construction trades. Thanks gents – they were sore. No lunges called.
  • The sidewalks around the Shelter aren’t in great shape and we almost lost Jedi to a giant puddle, but he made a nimble recovery and was unscathed.
  • I believe I heard a who is Bobby Hurley? conversation from one end of our multi-generational pax to the other, probably time to modernize? How is there not yet a G. Allen move? I have some ideas.
  • Happy does handslap merkins the right way – with alacrity and an audible SLAP.
  • Great group today. Regulars from all over Charlotte braved the storm, and hopefully we showed Curtains what this F3 thing is all about. Many others witnessed and may be one stop closer to joining next chance.
  • Come down to Fortitude if you haven’t been or it’s been a while. Even better, Q. I promise you won’t feel better all week.

3 thoughts on “Irma No Match for Fortitude’s Fortitude

  • September 12, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    Thanks Aquafresh! Your enthusiasm around planning the Q squashed any inclination we had to cancel due to Irma. And once again, the Pax showed up and the skies parted for Fortitude!

  • September 12, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    Lungers can attest that Copperhead Squats and Low Slow Squats have very much the same effect!

  • September 12, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    And yes, thank God for sparing Jedi; that was a deceptively deep puddle. #sinkhole

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