Party Favors

In celebration of YHC’s double respect notoriety on this very day, a dozen men join together on a brisk morning for some fitness, fellowship and faith! It was noted that Van Winkle and Skoal Bandit switched wardrobe selections for the pax today.  VW was sporting a typical SB neon shirt.  Given BRR was this weekend, there may be a lighter turnout… but it was a solid showing.


The Thang:


SSH X 20

KB swings X 20

IW X 20

Tricep extensions X 20

Sharon Towers X 20

Curls X 20

Merkins X 10

Upright rows X 20

Mountain climbers X 10

Lawnmower X 10 each arm


Place KBs by the fence. PAX were given the option to take off on a 10K run or Mosey to the picnic benches.  The Mosey prevailed.

Step ups X 10 each leg

Dips X 20

Derkins X 20

Rinse and repeat for a total of three sets


Mosey back to fence, pick up KBs and head to parking deck.

Line up in a single line and hand KBs behind you alternating left side and right side. Rinse & repeat.

Count off one and two.

Ones up the stairs to the top deck – 3 burpees. Twos Louganis.  Switch.

Ones up the stairs to the top deck – 3 burpees.  Twos Russian twists.  Switch.

Ones up the stairs to the top deck – 3 burpee. Twos woodchopper.  Switch.

Rinse & repeat


Mosey to the Playground

People’s chair – 30 air presses

10 merkins w/ maji wall touches

People’s chair – 30 air presses


Head to the Parking Lot – circle up.

LBC X 20

Heels to Heaven X 20

Oblique crunch both sides X 20







Ball of man



It was noted GAAP’s brother-in-law passed away. There are thoughts and prayers for GAAP’s family.  Thoughts and prayers are also for families affected by Hurricane Harvey (Texas) and the pending Hurricane Irma (Florida).  We were reminded of the upcoming 9/11 anniversary. There is the Core party at Motley’s home October 8th.  Party favors of red, white & blue glasses, whistles, Chinese yo-yos and gliders were distributed.  A group photo was taken as well.  The Q took us out with reminders of many things shared. See you in the gloom!

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