Rented Mule – Longcut

The “Hurricane” aka light rain and a few wind gusts apparently kept everyone in the fartsack. As Curly so eloquently put it, “you pussies missed a great morning”.

At 0530, the three of us launched into the gloom.  Numbers made it feel like SoFa WIB #RIP. Anyway, the three of us ran straight past the location of the “worst left turn in F3”, past the Dr. Seuss playground, over the rushing rapids, and to the bottom of the stairs. Up the stairs, through the Lurker lot, and down to the owl bars.

Planned circuit seemed to be in good shape – no downed trees or limbs, no major puddles to avoid.  So we split up to attempt the planned circuit:

P1 – 10 pull-ups at the owl bars

P2 – 20 dips, 20 derkins, and 20 LBCs at the bottom of the steps

Meet back at the Lurker lot. Opted to forgo the Dumbocrats due to odd numbers. At some point, we started running together just for the 2nd F, even though there was minimal chatter.

Everyone got in 5 complete loops. Then headed back, stopping for merkins at the speed bumps.

Doobie counted 180 total, I think. Plus 50 pull-ups, 100 dips, and 100 LBCs. Mileage of 3.6ish.

So that’s what you missed.

– Kirk

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