Stars and Stripes Forever

On a very rare Wednesday September 13 (only 56 every 400 years (as opposed to the other days of the week that range from 57-58 per 400 years). We celebrated the Battle of Baltimore which took place September 12- 14, 1814.  According to history on September 13 during the British Navy bombardment of Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key wrote the poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry” which would later serve as the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner. To celebrate we ran stars and stripes forever.

We got all of our stripes by running the Queens University parking deck one long stripe after another, switching back until you get to the top, about 13 stripes on the way up and the way down.  We got our stars by performing 10 Starjacks every time we got to the far end of the Myers Park Traditional Track.  The route went from the top of the deck out the parking gate to the track, around counterclockwise. stop for Starjacks, complete the lap, back up to the top of the deck for 30 LBCs and a chance to watch for any rockets red glare.  Four Trips up and down left us just enough time for some Mary while waiting for the 6.


Love the Splinter Group.  A great way to get some running into the mix without losing the 2nd F along the way.

Thanks to Eminem for the great takeout reminding us to reflect on our relative fortune and the opportunities we have everyday to bring joy, no matter how small to others.


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