Dirty Dozen – you vs you

13 men started, 12 finished.  My tweet last night warned the pack it was going to be a Shit show….and it was, literally.   We lost one to uncontrolled sphincter contractions …and a few others were at risk.

The recent Q line up at Sparta have taken the pax all over Dilworth and Sedgefield….so decided to stay put and make use of the track at SES.

Around the school and over the wall…about half of us.  Seriously, WTF pansies…you guys can all climb a 10 ft wall with a rail to step down on.  This is SPARTA, not a senior citizen water aerobics class.

COP: SSH, then a sneak peak at the Soup De Jor.  Merkins, LBC’s, Burpees, and Inappropriate Hip Thrusters (a Lee TM).

Down to the track for the Sparta 4-1-4

  • One Lap, 400 LBC’s (most did 100 at each corner)
  • Two Laps, 300 Inappropriate Hip Thrusters (37 per corner for 2 laps, and a few at the end to get you to 300 reps)
  • Three Laps, 200 Merkins
  • Burpee Mile: 4 laps and 100 Merkins (ran short on time but we completed 2.5 laps and 70 burpees (notes for next time.)
  • 10 laps and 1000 exercise reps was the goal.

Mosey home.


This was a you vs you workout.  No one else keeping track of all your reps and effort out there today….half of us had a hard enough time keeping track of our own rep count with all the chatter and laughter.

Got some complaints at the get go, 400 LBC’s within one lap. WTF…  Yes, just do it.  And all complied, not a single refusnik, except for the guy who’s sphincter failed him halfway through the workout but technically that was muscle failure, not mental failure.

Picture this….nearly pitch black outside with spot light shadows, fog rolling in, 12 dudes on their backs humping the air.  You can imagine the commentary…..”Dude, check out my shadow”  “my wife will appreciate these muscles”  “Speed is key”….”form is key”….the list goes on.

I figured this workout would take a while and suck….the pax seemed “pleased”.  Mentally knowing you had 100 burpees at the last circuit plus a mile run had a few quivering…but everyone attempted.  The pax at Sparta are not only consistent in attendance but also in effort.  The guys in the back didn’t cut any corners either, great to see the accountability they held themselves to today.

If we had 5 more minutes, we would have finished the Burpee mile, next time no COP if Slice and Doobie give me the keys again.

Now go show your spouses what 400 LBC’s and 300 Hip Thruster can do for you.  Expect to be sore in new places tomorrow….not many exercises in the usually rotation hit the hamstring like that.


Gentle Ben’s wife birthed their second child last week, mom and baby are doing great….and GB is still posting so he’s doing fine too.

A slew of Speed for Need races coming up, check out the schedule and join us, cheer for us, or share the story with a friend.

Dib with a thoughtful take out.

This workout was about you vs you but everything else that really matters is not about you, keep the bigger picture in mind and serve others.

-Redd Foxx

2 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen – you vs you

  • September 15, 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Job well done, Foxx. Agreed that next time we ditch COP and finish what we started.

  • September 15, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Completely stupid. I like it. Not sure I (or anyone for that matter) could get through all that nonsense but I’d like to try. Next time. Oooh, maybe I pull it back out for Bandit.

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