Game of inches

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The feature image about says it all so I don’t need to recap too much, but I need to tell you more about what went down. 15 brothers did step into Combine this morning. It was an invigorating morning for the workout that came right on time! This is how it’s supposed to go down at Combine, high energy. High energy!!!! Guys old and new pulling into Latta, FNG’s with no bell, KC/Hilary trying to talk down the Q, and athletes like Narc showing out.

Here is the workout..

Shuffle to Euclid/Park parking lot and circle up.

Circle of Pain warmup – 37 SSH, 37 Swings, and 10 Burpees — take a long lap around the field.


3 Rounds: 10 Snatch, 20 PushPress, 20 Lunges -> Run down Euclid for 10 Merkins, 10 Widearms, and 10 Diamonds

2 Rounds: 20 Lawnmower rows, 20 Chinups, 20 Goblet Squats  -> Run down Euclid for 10 Merkins, 10 Widearms, and 10 Diamonds


Is that really all we did?? Dang, seemed like we did a lot more. Wait, am i missing something? Nah, that was about it. I didn’t want any more except some sprints on the tennis court that we left out there due to time. Killer crew out there this morning aka Narc handling his business out front. Can we rename him to Christian McCaffery? He was actually rocking Steve Smith Sr gear. Stinger was chasing him and ending up next to Hilary. No one was catching him, clearly. The workout did feature a menu of exercises meant to enhance our lives, I hope it fit the bill.

Caeser showed up late because he was getting his haircut finalized. #priorities But he came strong and he did bring a bell for his FNG making the workout complete. I don’t know where these FNG’s came from, but I like it alot. Fresh blood in the mix is good for everyone. The Riddler? intro’d himself quite well early on as he shot down Euclid only to quickly realize that we were going to run that hill about 5 more times! Shooter Mcgavin took his Combine licks on the chin and was still standing tall. Other notables was that sweet bearded guy pushing it up and down the hill.

The #Respects were out in full force. KC, Hilary, Foreclosure, and FOTL. Strong work gentleman, your AARP card is on hold for that much longer. Honestly, these guys are beasts for pushing with the youngbloods, I don’t know how you do it. #TrainingForLife The @Wrap came out to celebrate and was good on most of the workout, dominated a few of the running sprints and I give his mumblechatter a solid B. KC and Hilary just need to come up with some material if looking to affect the Q, it’s good just not that good. Go to work fellas!

Thank you @NancyDrew for the opportunity to Q. Life is good for 37, I’m hungry and humbled today. I hope to be just peeling the onion back on my capabilities and my impact on those not named uncle. I’m humbled by how much I fail and how much I really really need to follow Christ every single day. I’m incredibly humbled by the fine folks in F3, a truly incredible group that knows how to push it to the limit and set the tone for me. I need you guys to keep pushing me and to not leave anything out there. I need to be posting every day, keep my @ss accountable. So thank you for continuing to lead and show me what being a man is really like. It’s hard, it’s not pretty, but damn when it’s good it’s good. #GameOfInches

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!


Billingsville on Tuesdays has started back up. Peru trip deadline is coming up. Talk to KC about both of these.

4 thoughts on “Game of inches

  • September 16, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Uncle, you are and always will be a top 10 Q and man too boot. Love your BB’s and passion. Sorry about my material but unlike @dredd I can’t muster up much when Im smoked. Those Euclid hills add up. Only reason I was anywhere near @Stinger was he was coming off the BRR and I was swinging a baby girls KB. My boy The Riddler found F3 on a podcast. I think he’ll be back and Shooter McGaven will be heard from again too. Btw, Narc is one strong hombre. Loving the 89 Smith jersey.

    • September 17, 2017 at 7:25 pm

      Aye, I want a redo of this one. I’m still sore 3 days later, and while I can still see Hillary passing me up Euclid, I KNOW I’m eventually gonna gain ground on Narc. Just a matter of time. Good one, Uncle.

  • September 17, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    I would have thought twice about posting 8@8 had I known it was your birthday Q. Live tweet it next time. And get your *ss out to the Net. #accountability

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