Cherokee: Storytime at the Playground

7 gathered at the Mint Museum, at least 5 of whom worked out.


  1. Find a Q, because Tantrum and Cannoli still are a little fuzzy on the whole “Site Q Responsibilities” thing.
  2. Pick Belk, because Tantrum and Cannoli don’t really feel like working out all that much, figuring that Belk is probably still tired from BRR
  3. Belk runs to Billingsville, trying to make up some stuff to do.
  4. CoP some warmup stuff (SSH, Merkins, Imperial Walkers)
  5. A Murph seems like a good way to kill time; let’s do that. 10 rounds of 5x pull, 10x push, 10x dip, and 20x squats. Ignore Belk’s insistence on good squat form, and bend over like you’re pickin’ freggin daisies or something. It’s amazing we all haven’t thrown out our backs.
  6. Partner throwdown cycle. Pair up. Odd man out runs, pairs do throwdowns. Cycle the odd man until everyone has run once.
  7. Mosey to wall. Air pushes, R leg out, L leg out.
  8. Lunge walk / run out and back cycle the parking lot to the end.
  9. Mosey back to Mint, with periodic stops to do exercises because Belk is, in fact, still tired from BRR.
  10. Circle up, round robin CoP calls.
  11. Sprint to CoP.
  12. Fin


YHC showed up this morning for a relaxing shakeout from his post BRR break. He was met with the disturbing news that he’s Q’ing. Tantrum insists that it’s part of some “master plan” for “tenured Q engagement” or some s$*% but YHC thinks he just forgot to find a Q.

The chatter was consistent, and while YHC did his best to call a plan to replace it with heavy breathing, it backfired completely, as Cannoli decided he’d just skip the exercises so that he could talk more. This was contagious, and even normally well-mannered, respectful pax like Sheikh were corrupted by his bad influence. YHC estimates that of the 30 minutes we spent on the playground, Cannoli spent about 29.5 spinning yarns.

Solid work done by all — esp. Alphabet who set the pace and may have actually completed all of the pull-ups. Belk had a hard time keeping up.

Announcements: BRR is only 51 weeks away. Charlotte marathon / half is coming up and there are EHs happening left and right.

Thanks Cannoli for taking us out.


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