A Half Dozen Dudes

Half Dozen Dudes

A half dozen of F3s finest gathered today behind the Mint Museum for a spirited Sunday stroll.  We made a 3.5 mile jogging tour through the Eastover neighborhood.  We were led as usual by our resident Rocketman, who took the lead and navigated flawlessly.  Your humble Q took up the rear where the pace was more to his liking.  It was a beautiful morning, though humid, and we enjoyed the tranquility of one of Charlottes loveliest neighborhoods at it’s quietest and most peaceful.  We concluded with a few announcements (Core reunion in about three weeks, AG tutoring begins this week).  Torpedo took us out with a gentle prayer reminding us of our many blessings.

As always, it’s a treat for me to be with you fellows and lead this fine bunch.  Valdez

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