In the FACE!

11 guys showed up for another Body by RF beatdown….most of them knowing this was coming after Sparta on Friday.   End one week and start another with Q’s by me….that’s a pretty crappy 2 week stretch…depending on how you look at it.      The voices in my head keep telling me to make it harder, get creative, the pax won’t stand for mediocracy and the same old stuff….don’t puke cause they’ll never let me Q again….don’t let Doobie pass me…recovery time is for the weak…


Hot lap around Latta park with 10 True Americans at each intersections (9 total).  Credit to Checkpoint for the exercise idea…see reading other peoples Backblast are beneficial.   Wonder if this one originated from the mind of Lee too?  After 90 of them the pax realized it truly was a perfect form only exercise….chest, shoulder, and core smoker.

To the DES playground: 4 rounds of 10 Pulls up, 20 Dips, 30 LBCS.

Lap around the school meeting partner in the middle for 10 partner jump over burpees each

4 corners Euclid, Berkley, Myrtle, through school parking lot.  5, 10, 15, 20 increasing burpees.

On the field, Bear Crawl Indian run, 2 rounds for everyone

Over to the balls for Dips and Derkins x 3 rounds IC

To the wall for peoples chair, finished with balls to the wall hip slappers. Back to base for COT.



Lots of burpess today, the mother of all exercises.  Wasn’t planned but needed something to kill time as I didn’t spend too much time planning past the first 20 minutes of this workout.  Poor preparation on my part.

Paula’s infamous flailing burpees (he donkey kicks his legs out on the way down) suffered it’s first causality when he kicked Mariah square in the FACE.  Concussion protocol was implemented and Mariah passed the test.  Just don’t go to sleep for the next 12 hours and get some ice on that shiner.   Paula is a man that needs his space….or a refined burpee form.  Where is Nash when you need him.

Word on the street is Bermuda Boy, everyone’s favorite yellow parka wearing biker, is on the IR.  Potentially serious knee injury…getting some test done this week.   Hopefully it’s not as bad as assumed and he’s back out here fast.  We need his humor and motivation back out in the gloom.


Hope Builders Run in Oct…Speed for Need will be there in full force with FIA and F3.  Ask Pate for details.

Girls on the Run is partner with local Chipotle’s tomorrow.  A portion of all proceeds will benefits this organization.  I don’t know much about but Marilyn’s better half works at GOTR and seems like a great organization to help empower young girls.   Joke of the day….go eat Chipotle tomorrow to see Girls with the Runs….

Taft a serious takeout – be thankful and grateful for everything you have at work, home, community.  We are the fortunate ones with the motivation and heart that have a responsibility to lead and support our communities of those who needs us.   Do something self-less this week.  You’ll feel good about it.

-Redd Foxx


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