Posted by Pipeline on behalf of Fruit of the Loom:

Fortitude was rocking this morning in the darkness with a total of 15 strong (6 from the shelter).

Started in the circle of love at the men’s shelter with cals.
15- Side Straddle Hop
15- Windmills –Just for  Slaughter
15- Merkins
Round of Air- Raids – Jedi kick-off the round.

Moseyed across the street to the Law Offices for a little ab work:
15- Low Flutter
15- High Flutter
15 – Canoes
15 Low Dolly
15- High Dolly

Moseyed to the Back Alley street:
5- Burpees at four stations with a jog in between
Plank , RH up LH up, RF up, LF up.
Three rounds of this.
A round of air raids – hosted by Jedi again!

Moseyed across the street to the train station paired up in 3’s.
#1 Carolina Docks, #2 ran in between #1 and #3 while #3 did side straddle hops.
5 rounds of this.
Huff-Puff, Huff Puff
Moseyed back to the base camp of the men shelter for COT and cold drinks.


One FNG Sutton – F3 name Wingman – Welcome.

Thanks for letting me lead the dance this morning it was a real pleasure.  Hope you got a little of what you came for.


Fruit of the Loom (FOTL)

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