498 years ago today Magellan began his successful circumnavigation of the world. Successful even though Magellan did not survive the trip, dying in the Philippines. Successful in that the mission was accomplished and the world benefited from all that was learned/gained.  Today the Splinter Group “successfully” circumnavigated a block 2.5 times (well Magellan beat us to mother Earth) in Myers Park and all members did survive (the pain stations) even thought the pace was “hot”.

This is what we did:

AO warm up with 15 each of SSHs, Mtn Climbers, LBCs, IWs and Peter Parkers.  Mosey up Rensford to the corner of Roswell and Wellesley.

Next the circumnavigation began with a map drawn in chalk.  Amazing that a few of the Millennials could actually read the map – who knew?  Note:  they first reached for their phones that they were without – bummer.  This was the voyage:  run to one corner – 10 merkins (each of diamonds, regular and wide arms), run two corners 20 IWs, run three corners – 30 plank jacks, run all four corners and do 40 squats.  Plank it up, six inched, right arm high with 8 John Travolta’s, regular, left arm high with 8 John Travolta’s, six inches with a ten count, recover.

Down Bucknell, left on Hastings, right on Dickinson.  Circle up:  20 each of LBCs, planks (30 seconds), heals to heaven.  Two ways back to the AO down to Queens and back to AO via Wellesley or up Princeton and back to the AO.

Circled up with Jack Webb’s, LBCs and were done.  Today less running than usual but made up for it with some CORE work.

Announcements:  Mission I am Possible and Fortitude needs continued support – consider joining these workouts.  CORE party October 8th.

Hall Pass thoughtfully took us out – we are lucky men indeed!

A pleasure to Q these men.




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