Go bulldogs

Tesla and I discussed the beating Mississippi State put on LSU last weekend. MSU plays UGA next. Bounce was convinced that the UGA will win that game, especially since it is at Georgia. I say the Bulldogs will win. Put your money on the Bulldogs. We all did agree that this will be the most important SEC game this season that doesn’t involve an elephant.

Ran to the track and started with backwards run for 50 yards, high steps for 50 yards, carioke for 50 yards face the other way and carioke for 50 yards, then jog to the center of the field.

Warmup with Merkin Fest: 15 to 20 exercises between the merkin variations. Count on the merkins was (usually) 8.


Dragon Merkins




Stagger Arm Merkins


Flapjack on the Stagger Arm Merkins



To the wall: People’s chair with lalanes and Balls to the wall toe taps

To the goal-line:

Backwards run to the 25, do 5 flutters, forward run to the 50, do 10 flutters, backwards run to the far 25 yard line, do 15 flutters, forward run to the goal line, do 20 flutters, mosey back to start.

Repeat with box-cutters

Then, to make John Deere feel at home, we did a crab walk to the 25, mosey back while John Deere’s waits for rest of the crowd.

Bounce took over at this point.

To the stadium: We did a lap in the stadium.

5 step-ups at the bottom, run to the top and do 10 squats, across the top to the other end and do 15 squats, to the bottom and did 20 step-ups and back to the start. At the start, we did a little planking and hand release merkins.

Repeat but this time with dips and derkins.

One more time but with monkey humpers and step-ups.

Finished up our stadium visit with a ‘snake’. Ran each row of bleachers in one section, back and forth, until we got to the top. Old Bay lead half the group. Impressive performance.

Out to the parking lot, pick up a rock and 20 presses in cadence. Over to the speed hump and AYG to the gate.

Time’s up.


John Deere will take the Q if no one else wants it next week. I’m in Europe for the next two Wednesdays. HDHH is NOT at Providence Road Sundries. I forget the name of the place but I don’t think they serve PBRs.



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