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What we did
Whether it was the spirit of the unbelievably successful “Give 2 Give” campaign or YHC sneaky suspicion that Boomer’s advertised big announcement by Silent Bob represented a change in the management, YHC had an idea to expand the Governator AO this morning. With that said 16 pax launched into the gloom to get better at a never explored location at the G-spot #innuendo
Head out of Carmel Park along Carmel Rd stopping at Tufton Brae Ct for COP.
SSH x 20
IM x 15
Peter Parker x 10
Parker Peter x 10

It was at this point YHC and some of the Pax began to notice an interesting cadence count from Governator FNG Abacus with a reset of the count starting at 10 back to 1. More on this later.

Continue on Carmel Rd to Mill Pond and the entrance of Moutainbrook for “Mountainbrook Mountain climbers” x 20 IC. Submitted for ™ to the management.

Continue to head down Carmel. Wait…what? That’s right, not heading into Mountainbrook, continue SW on Carmel stopping at Tottenham Rd for Low, slow squat in cadence x 15.

Push the limit of the Pax disbelief and continue down Carmel Rd to Kingswood Rd. Head into the darkness and loop around to the bottom of Tottenham, losing a couple Pax in the abyss. #QFail Regroup at the bottom of the smaller of two valleys on Tottenham, YHC felt like given the distance traveled and the patience of the Pax expended the larger valley would not have been appreciated.

Partner up for some half pipe work.
7s at the two summits of Jump Squats and Knee ups.
Upon meeting in the valley, 7 partner hand slap Merkins.

Head up Tottenham and stop in the aforementioned second valley for LBC x 20 and Rosalita x 15. Mosey up the summit of Tottenham and stop for Copperhead squats x 10.

Mosey back towards the friendly confines along Carmel Rd stopping at Millpond for “Mountainbrook Mountain Climbers” x 20.

Stop at Tufton Brae for in YHC opinion the “three best words of F3”, On your six. Purposefully YHC pushed the count beyond 20 to see if Abacus would reset back to 1 after getting to 20. Sure enough he did not disappoint. Add protractor for good measure to engage core completely. Hold it for three separate 10 counts at 10 degrees, by Ribeye, Sprinkle and Benefactor. Left Sprinkle rethinking his pace after the second round count.

Head back to CofC for People’s Chair and Air Press x 20. Just enough time to hit the AO for Plank Jacks x 30.



Significant mumble chatter today along a number of topics. Whether Governator was a boot camp or running work out? Abacus unique RVA counting style. YHC reverent hand position during low, slow squat. But no topic got more attention than the deliberate attempt by YHC at #Expansion this morning of the Governator AO. Now YHC can certainly understand the concern of the Pax with trying something new and while YHC does appreciate this could have been looked at as a “hostile invasion” into Area 51, YHC will point out that we never did cross Carmel Rd. Also, YHC would argue that the distance traveled was no greater than what is traveled reach Penlyn Wood or for that matter Rock Creek Dr. And despite the claims to the contrary YHC is certain that we did not cross into the Pineville city limits. By YHC Garmin just about a 5K was logged today. On the way back YHC deliberately tried to have a Core focus given the pre-kickoff requests of Silent Bob and Sprinkle.

Abacus was a welcome addition and his counting style which by his account is ™ to an AO in F3 Richmond made YHC focus a little harder on the count. Great to have you brother and hope all goes smooth with the move to Weddington.


As appropriately teased by Boomer last week, Silent Bob did have a big announcement for the future of Governator. As SB duly pointed, there aren’t may big announcements regarding a work out that aren’t site Q changes. After several years at the helm, with no recognition on the F3 Metro website which continues to list Titan as the site Q, SB has passed the torch to the very capable Aquafresh. I know all of the Governator Pax joins YHC in thanking SB for his service and his efforts to make Governator one of the best work outs in Metro and Area 51. YHC is also sure that there are several sadistic, brick carrying work-outs on the horizon with Aquafresh in charge.  Thankfully SB has filled up the rest of the years Q slots for Aqua….eh….well at least the rest of the month.

Keep Titan, Film Festival and Cold Cuts in your prayers as they are all on the DL.

Reminder for the group to keep EH’ing Sad Clowns, that’s what its all about.

Silent Bob took us out one last time as the Site Q



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  • September 20, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Nice work Gas-X, and great group this morning at the Governator, as always. I’m all for expanding the AO but The King’s Wood smelled, well, medieval down in that halfpipe. Next time we go there, let’s get Pothole to change their trash day ahead of time.

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