Holy Shoulder Smoker

23 dudes showed up thinking they were getting a taper workout, but received a beatdown instead.  Here’s what went down;


Sad clown (WTF) warm up run around Trinity campus. I even had cinder blocks ready for the unlucky PAX that showed up. Oh, well maybe next time.


Run over to PUMC parking lot mixing in a backwards run up St. Gabes hill to COP.

SSH – 20x, 5 Burpees OYO, Squats – 15x, 5 burpees OYO.

Run over to bottom of Ferncliff and partner up.  2 rounds of Wintergreen loop with the following on each loop.

Partner wheelbarrow up Wintergreen to first corner and do 10 partner derkins each, Partner carry to next corner and do 10 hand slap merkins. Run to next corner and do 20 Russian Twists, then run back to the start and end with 10 Jump Squats. Repeato.  Plank Jacks – 15x to gather the 6.

Run up to Ferncliff to Providence stopping at each telephone pole on the left (7) and do 5 Hand release Merkins at each. 10 Makthar N’ Diaye’s OYO.

Run back up Providence to the Hot Box. – 11’s – Pull Ups and one end and Donkey Kicks on the other end.

Run over to Crosby Rd. – Sprint down Crosby to Westbury and do 20 Spiderman Merkins OYO.

Run back to COT and end with 5 burpees OYO.



– So much for a tapper this am to get ready for Augusta. Dialed back the running (Nibs would have approved if he had been here) but made up for it with an upper body smoker.  Soccer arms be damned. Always a solid crew at BW.  “Old School Beatdown right there fellas” according to Snoop. I haven’t been posting as much lately for boot camps so my shoulders were smoked after this one.

– Welcome FNG and Grizzlies neighbor for 9 years “Ruby”.  Said he works at Jostens. Good thing we didn’t go with the other name that popped up.  If he complains at some point about his current name we can always change it.  Good work and hope to see you back.

– I think Coach may have done all the burpees.  This isn’t verified yet, but even if you did 25% that’s a big improvement.

– Newport offered up his Huffy bike he rode this morning for my Augusta 70.3 this weekend. Looked pretty fast.  I think I would crush the bike part of the race with it.


– MIP each Sat. at 9am. Q list to following from Deer Tick.

– Road ID – Coupon Code on the F3 Metro site

Thanks Grizzly for the opportunity and Newport for the takeout.  Always enjoy leading this group.

Until Next time

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