A 7am workout starts at… about 7:04am

Trying to get a 7am workout to start at 7am is harder than you think.  You can leave the parking lot at 7, but notice a late arriving Pax on foot.  No worries, respect for the run in.  You can call 5 burpees to wait for him.  Then you can leave the parking lot at 7:02, only to see another Pax roll in even later.  So you can call 5 more burpees to wait.  You can mosey a bit turn around and notice that latest late arriving Pax still hasn’t caught up, so you call 5 more burpees.  Then as you are doing said burpees, notice another late arriving Pax roll by, and say F it, let’s just d COP here.  But do 5 more burpees.

Double Eagle did about 72% of these burpees.

Not the smoothest start to a workout, but sure glad Farmer, Oswald, and Bambino could join us #calledout.  After the 20 burpees to get started we hit the COP, then the Thang

COP was something like 20 x SSH, 10 x merkins, 15 x plank jacks, 10 x merkins, 20 x copperhead squats, and 5 burpees.

Mosey down to bottom of Lurker, stop at last crosswalk.  Crosswalk suicides 5 x hand release merkins at the bottom and 5 turkish get-ups at the top.  One too many crosswalks.

Mosey across Charlottetown to Capt Jack.  7’s of dips and jump ups, mosey down C-town to the rails across from stadium for another set of 7’s.  Hip slappers and supine pull ups.  #crowdpleaser.

Head to grass field for something that was referred to as a time suck, but YHC learned from the F3 Louisville brethren.  Starfish.  Circle up tight, call an exercise, Pax disperses out of circle in star shape to do said exercise, then return to middle for next exercise.  Did hand release merkins, jump squats, Turkish get-ups, and burpees.  Do burpees twice.  Mosey under C-town for some mary.

Head around stadium to Castle.  Partner up, size and speed sorta matter,  Partners head up opposite star well and meet on next floor for 10 partner derkins..  Up to the top.  Some Mary, then back down.

Mosey to Indy park for 3 rounds of: 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15 dips, and 20 LBCs.  Double Eagle left us after part of round on to check on the runners running by.  Turns out it was the Novant family run #awkward

Bell sounds, head to COT and with the fastest COT ever, we dispersed like roaches when the lights are flipped on to beat the fun run.


Awesome group, was actually hoping that one more person would show up late, then we would have just done burpees.  Sorry for late BB, but at least one was done… #whathappenedtotebackblast

No real announcements due to quick COT.  Thanks for the keys.  SYITG

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