Highly Motivated

I went to Ranger yesterday, and I thought Mr. Bo led a solid workout.  He apparently thought the group lacked effort yesterday according to the “D-” grade that he gave the PAX.  I know I was dragging yesterday after a few beverages at the Sportsman’s Club the previous night, but I thought it was sort of a low key group as well.  Certainly not the case today at Shark Tank.  20 men jumped in this morning, and it seemed to be all business from the start.   Here’s what we did.

EC Crew:

  • Mosey to the Target Deck
  • 10 merkins at the bottom and up the stairs to the top.
  • Run across the top to the far wall for 20 hip slappers (#horrible)
  • Run back across the top to the other stairs and back down
  • At the bottom, 5 burpees
  • Back to starting stairs and repeat  (Did 3 full rounds and one final round sans the hip slappers)
  • Mosey back to Magic Hateball to pick up the 5:30 crew.

Main Event:

  • COP (SSH x 20 IC, Plank Jacks x 15 IC, Power Mountain Climbers x 10 IC)
  • Quick mosey down Baxter toward Cherry Park, hang a left on Avant, and a left on Main St., and back to Cherry Park.
  • Head to the playground for 10 pullups, 20 dips, and then 4 corners around Cherry Park.  Repeat the circuit for a total of three.  #1 5 burpees at each corner, #2 5 sumo jump squats at each corner, #3 5 X-fit merkins at each corner.
  • Mary waiting on the 6.  LBCs, Flutters, and Dollys.
  • Quick mosey up Baldwin and over the 4th street.  Left on 4th and head into CPCC deck #2 for the following.
  • Partner Up.  At the bottom, 20 partner sit ups each.  Head up opposite stairs to the top and meet in the middle for 20 partner derkins each. Repeat twice for a total of 3 rounds.
  • Mary waiting on the 6.  Heels to heaven and Russian Twists.
  • Quick Mosey back to the Target Deck, and up the stairs to the top.  Plank while waiting on the 6.
  • The Beast (Lee TM) run across the top of the deck, stopping at each of the 3 lights for 6 burpees, and to the far wall.  Head back across the deck repeating the same 6 burpees at each light.
  • Head back to Shark Tank lot for COT.

Naked Moleskin:

As previously mentioned, this group seemed to be here to work this morning.  It was a really strong group as well.  Swamp crushed the Target Deck during the EC, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the hip slappers. (#neverfails)  At some point during the later stages of the EC, Nabisco showed up.  I’m not sure when, but he was there pushing hard.  Including the EC, this was a boatload of stair running today.  YHC was pretty smoked after the EC, but this group was not messing around today, which kept me pushing.  Really strong showing from TML, Maybe, Gandalf, Swamp, Bushwood, etc. during the 4 corners circuits.  The list of guys that were flying could just go on.  Some of the PAX decided to go around Cherry Park in the opposite direction from the rest during the 4 corners, so it was a little difficult to tell who was doing what at times.  YHC was just trying to hold on during the CPCC deck circuits, but partnering with TML has a way of pushing a man.  Not much in the way of chatter today or typical heckling.  It could be the fact that I was too busy hurting to notice any banter or items of note, but it felt like everyone was really pushing this morning.  Boone wasn’t even concerned that we went over on time by a couple of minutes.  Only noticed a small amount of grumbling during the Power Mountain Climbers and The Beast with burpees at the end (damnyoulee).  Good to see Shank at the Tank.  Looks like the ankle is improving.  Nice to see Laettner this morning, and appreciate the solid takeout!

Don’t forget to look for opportunities to serve our community.  We still need guys for MIP on Saturday mornings and Fortitude on Tuesday mornings.  Tutoring has started up again at Billingsville on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30 if you can spare an hour of your time.

TML reminded everyone about the Peru Mission Trip coming up next year.  The trip is from January 26th to February 4th, and he promises they will be back in time for the Super Bowl.

Always an honor to lead these men.


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