Gettin’ after it

10 guys lined up for the DRP at Silver Bullet today.

I love working out with the older guys because it is a reminder of what is possible.

When you see a 70-something guy dripping sweat next to you in a decline plank, you immediately think “man I hope I make it to where he is”….

Here’s what we did:

Warmup:  SSH, Cotton-picker, plankjack, L/R Hammy stretch, L/R hip stretch

Hit the wall by the parking lot for a lunge/people’s chair ladder.  Alternating sets of lunges, 10 down to 1, 30 seconds of people’s chair in between each set.    This is a quad killer and there was a lot of chatter, largely due to the 60’s playlist which seemed well received.

Mosey to the front of the church for some partner work:  Partner 1 runs the loop in front of the church, partner 2 holds a decline plank with feet up on the wall.  10 rounds.  Little W. and LaLanne out front on this one all the way.  My arms felt this one quite a bit.

Circle up for Marython – ladder of 10 situps down to 1 with various ab exercises in between:  knee-up, russian twist, dolly, rosalita, flutter, heels to heaven, lbc, l/r oblique crunch, protractor.

Some more step ups and decline plank varieties, some more people’s chair, some more running around the circle, and back to COT.

Thanks Money for the keys – always a pleasure.

Little W. with the excellent takeout.


Son of a preacher man  – Dusty Springfield

I can’t get no satisfaction – Rolling Stones

Last train to Clarksville  – The Monkees

You can’t hurry love – Supremes

I fought the law – Bobby Fuller

Wild Thing – The Troggs

The Letter – The Box Tops

Respect – Aretha Franklin

Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Harper Valley P.T.A. – Jeannie C. Riley

Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel

Revolution – Beatles

Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf

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