Man Cave Back Blast, “aargh grunt”

6 Pax gathered for a post Panthers loss, summer weather beat down. COP, each of the Pax called out their COP exercise as it went around the circle. SSHs x25, IWs x20, Sharon Towers x20, Merkins x 15, LBCs x15, Squats x20. Pax moseyed over the quad, and each pax took turns running the stairs, and while they were running they would call out an exercise for the group to do in their absence, Squats, Dips, LBCs, Merkins, Incline Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks. Pax moseyed over to the “money lot” (where the older you are, the less you do). Pax ran to their money lot number and first time through did half squats and LBCs, then to plankorma, second time through merkins and IWs, and then some more Plankorama.

Pax moseyed down towards Runnymeade, and did some Copperhead Squats x15, WWII sit ups, then Pax ran down the trail along the creek towards Colony. Along the path the Pax did some lunge walk, karaoka, run backwards, dips, step ups, Peoples Chair, some LBCs and Peter Parkers. The Pax then ran from the path up to the entrance to MPHS for some more Dips, step ups, and plank. Pax moseyed up the hill in front of the HS office fro some Mary. Pax went around the circle and called some Mary exercise, Russian Twists, Heels to Heaven, Merkins, Dolly’s, Dying Cockroaches, and Knee Ups. Pax moseyed back to start point fr some COT.


Gerardi gave the Pax an update on expansion plans into the Chicago area, Austin soon. Thanks to War Daddy Money for the take out. ManCave coming up on 3rd Anniversary next week.

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