Work hard and play hard and work hard and play hard . . .

19 strong this morning for some hills, arms and the Tower of Pain.

2.8 miles and 358 feet in elevation, based on one data source.


Here is what we did:

COP –fairly standard fare:

20 SSH

20 Mount Climbers

20 Merkins

15 Plank Jacks


Mosey to St Gabs at the top of that hill and partner up:

Round 1:

Partner 1 runs to bottom of hill and back up (All the way to the fence)

Partner 2 does 20 dips, 20 squats and then LBCs

Did it 2X

Round 2:

Partner 1 runs to bottom

Partner 2 does 20 derkins, 20 flutters, and then LBCs

Did that one 2X

Over to the da hotbox + the Tower of Pain:

At Hotbox pause for some mary, then 20 merkins OYO

Then follow the leader inside of the building, and up about 6 flights of stairs with the full crew (a.k.a. the Tower of Pain)

Circle back around to hotbox and partner up with 1 coupon per team.

Partner 1 runs to top of “Tower of Pain”

Partner 2 does 10 curls, 10 presses, 10 merkins off the coupon, and 20 flutters – continues until partner gets back.

Did some mary as a group once we all get together.

Wanted to press for a 3rd round up the Tower but time was tight.


What is the Tower of Pain?  You’d know of course if you were there . . . C’mon man!  It starts at the hotbox, goes to the top of the building, comes to the front, around and then back again.  98 steps.  Not 23.  For the team that showed up, great work.  For the C-Rock regulars for B-Widow that slept in  . . . C’mon man!  R. Moss-style “C’mon man!”  You know who you are – @F3 names.  See in you the gloom next week.

The early hills were the appetizer and the stairs the main course.  The last 3 flights were a beast.  Double Knot was trucking up there, Flutie Flakes pulled a Carl Lewis on the hill and took me in the last 30 yards on time – Flutie was always a show off, Seaworld showing some bounce, Madras always strong, Monk running in from the ‘hood, Scully looked strong, Drone was an EC, Deer Tick and Bambino were shaved head partners (it was kinda funny), Double Knot sporting rare red F3 shirt, Chappy had never been up the Tower, Beaker was fast, Level 10 needs to explain his name, Pitino always goes hard til the end, Ruby (birthstone) showing up 2 in a row, Coach did no burpees.  Thx for Grizzly for getting the Tower set-up.

More interesting things to come for the Black Widow group in the weeks ahead.  We’ve only just begun.

And remember . . .   The only people that talk shit are the wannabes.


Billingsville has started.

MIP on Saturdays at 9am – if you are on the fence and need someone to go with you txt or msg me. I need a nudge as well.

Get your Road ID.

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