Ben Hur at SIB

10 pax for SIB this morning.

Combining AYG sprints and SpeedForNeed racing chariots. What we did:

1 minute of Tolkien explaining how the chariots work (disclaimer!).

10 minute warm up jog.

10 rounds of 30 secs easy/moderate, 20 secs hard, 10 secs AYG.

10 minutes of short sprints with walking recovery.

10 more rounds of 30 secs easy/moderate, 20 secs hard, 10 secs AYG.

Cool down.

First of all, huge props to Tolkien for getting to SIB with all the SFN chairs. Just getting out of bed for early workouts is hard enough. He shows up early, sets up the chairs and generally makes sure SFN is getting promoted around F3Nation. Can’t thank him enough.

Couple of nifty SFN chariot features discovered today: (1) the off road tires – next time you have a trail race and need to push someone, SFN can swap in set of offroad wheels. Looks like a good ride over rough terrain. AND (2) the LED lights on the red chair – need to take this thing to a night race – looks good spinning in the dark.

No riders to push this morning but between sandbags, KBs, and dumbbells we had 40, 65 and 70 lbs in the chairs. Tree Killer and Egypt both got practice and will be ready.

30-20-10 is an efficient workout (even more so with the racing chariots).

Want some motivation on an AYG sprint – no one wants to get passed by the guy pushing a chair. Horn can move with that thing!

I’ll Push You movie event coming up. F3 is sponsoring Charlotte area showings – both Phillips Place and Stonecrest showing the movie on 11/2.

Several events coming up with SFN:

Heather’s Heros/Komen Race for the Cure

Hopebuilders 5K – this one will be a big event including both FiA and F3. Sign up to run alongside the SFN chariots and be part of the F3/FiA SpeedforNeed team. Would love to have a big showing here. This race benefits Levine Children’s Hospital so it fits right in with the mission of F3 SpeedForNeed.

Marine Corps Marathon – Owen and I are getting ready – less than 4 weeks to go. Still time to donate to MDA to support our effort.

Charlotte Marathon – Several F3 relay teams running with the SpeedForNeed chariots.

Make it a point to participate in one of these events. It is great way to make something more of your race weekend. Also take time to think about those among your family, friends, and broader community who would benefit from being part of SpeedForNeed. We’ve done an outstanding job getting the SFN chairs ready. Now let’s make sure we are reaching as many people as we can with this opportunity.

Public Service Announcement: Cindy has the Q next week.

See you in the gloom.


2 thoughts on “Ben Hur at SIB

  • September 26, 2017 at 10:59 am

    How many casualties would we have had without the wheel LED’s and the single headlamp?!?

    Thanks Nash for leading and being the SPEED FOR NEED underwear model.

  • September 26, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    I feel like a poser for making it onto this Pax list, when I didn’t run with you guys at all. Turns out a 1-minute Tolkien stall tactic wasn’t quite long enough to allow me to get there before you headed into the real #BFE. 20 minutes of driving around the Myers Park area, and I settled on some solo track work with the sprinklers.

    Those chariots are sweet, though! I got lucky and snagged our 2nd male rider today for the 10/14 Hopebuilders 5K, so we’re ready to roll!

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