Dire Straits at Edgehill

19 men pulled themselves out of the rack this morning for an opportunity to make themselves stronger at the WIB.  Today was a little more organized that last week to say the least, although Cindy and Boone did take charge and push the PAX hard at the Megadeck.  Even had a Preblast that was actually read by some, and posted to Twitter.

Wanted to go off campus and get in some decent mileage in the process.   Thought a change of scenery would do everyone some good.  Here’s what we did.

The Thang:

  • Make a left out of the lot on East and then left on Kings.  Head down Kings to Brunswick Ave, and up the hill to Edgehill Park. (Just under a mile)
  • Partner up at the playground.  (10 pullups each, 15 partner derkins each, 20 dips each)
  • Partners run around the park in opposite directions.  When you meet, do the following.  10 dumbocrats each and 20 partner situps each.
  • Complete the lap around the park and meet back at the playground.
  • Repeat until 6:06 or so, and head back home.  Hoping for 3-4 rounds.


This morning was not the typical WIB crowd of late.  It was a good mix of regulars, Metro Bastards (name given to themselves), first timers, and Kotters.  Was glad to see Cindy and Boone back after last week’s “sans Q” workout.  Add in DIB, Swamp, TML, and the rest of the WIB regulars, and we had a pretty strong group.  Not exactly sure what happened to Boone.  He was apparently injured early into the quick mosey over the Edgehill Park. Hope all is well.  We did at least have even numbers for the partner work at that point.(#bonus)  Santa Maria was once again accosted by the “Mad Crapper” not too far into the workout, but he was able to make a recovery and participate fully in the Edgehill circuits.  If nothing else, Santa Maria is consistent.  Some might even call him a “regular” guy.  We’ve all been there.  Not fun.  Cindy and Swamp (#thepreblasters) were raring to go right out of the gate.  They saw no reason to hang around at the Edgehill playground while YHC took a couple of minutes to explain the plan to the PAX.  As preblasters, they had the information and were ready to go to work.  Jumped right into the dips and proceeded while YHC explained the circuit.  Not sure about their completion of the dumbocrats and other various exercises throughout (#modification), but they were moving on to be sure.  Most groups completed 4 rounds of the circuit.  Cindy and Swamp may have done 5.  Kind of hard to track with everyone circling around in opposite directions.  Good push from Doobie and Santa Maria, and YHC partnering with TML always pushes YHC.  I think it must be the hair.  Not exactly sure who partnered with who, but DIB, Hillary, and Chair Thrower all seemed to be flying around the park.  All in all, it was a solid combination of mileage (3.95) and exercises. Doobie always has that extra spring in his step when he learns that pullups are in the mix.  Seemed to hear a good deal of grumbling about the mosey to and from the park.  It must have seemed longer than the .92 miles that is was.  YHC will admit that it seemed much longer on the way back. (#smokedQ)

Things did get a little squirrelly during COT.  YHC decided to have the PAX start counting off as we waited for the last few guys to make it back, thinking it would just be another minute or two.  Just trying to be a good steward of everyone’s time.  When they were still not back and the rest of the group had finished counting off, Cindy reminded me that this was no place for bullying. (#safespace)  Doobie even used the term chaos to describe COT.  Always room for improvement.  Although YHC has been pretty regular at WIB in my 2 years in the gloom, I had not had the pleasure of meeting Talk Box.  Unfortunately, I had to ask him like 4 times what he was saying when he said his name.  Keep coming back Kotter, and I will most certainly learn your name at some point.  Good to see Jazzy Jeff out this morning at WIB for the first time.  Hopefully Bel Air will have the full cast of the show attending soon.

Metro has not been without some local chaos among the PAX in the past week.  Maybe that was just what the doctor ordered.  Sure seems like the intensity level has been up over the past week.  As the weather cools down, I expect this will continue.

Don’t forget to lend some of your time at Billingsville if you can.  Tuesdays at 4:30.  We could certainly use more help.  The guys at MIP and Fortitude can also use our support.  Our efforts really do make a difference.

Thanks to Stat for the solid takeout.

Uncle, thanks for the keys!


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