Tour de Fortitude

The Thang:

It seems like Fortitude gets more rain than any other AO in Metro (perhaps it’s all part of the plan).  Not today.  15 Pax enjoyed a beautiful and comfortable morning at Fortitude.

Here is what went down:

  • COP in the Men’s Shelter parking lot
    • 5 burpess OYO
    • SSH x 20
    • 4 burpess OYO
    • Imperial Walkers x 15
    • 3 burpess OYO
    • Squats x 10
    • 2 burpess OYO
    • Carolina Dry Docks x 5
    • 1 burpee OYO
  • Mosey out of parking lot, right on Tryon, right on 16th Street – the Rock Pile (only one car came through this morning, might have been a record for least times Pax had to jump out of the way)
    • Squats x 10
    • Skull Crushers x 10
    • Overhead Press x 10
    • Curls x 10
    • Repeat
    • EC: Bent rows x 20
  • Continue to mosey. Not far this time, just across Tryon over to Ashby Street
    • 11’s starting at the bottom and going around the curve up to the telephone pole
      • Merkins at the bottom / jump squats at the top
    • Plank it up while waiting for the Six
  • Mosey over to underpass
    • People’s chair with overhead press x 20
  • Mosey to parking lot across from Men’s Shelter
    • Dips, LBCs, Flutters, Dolly, Rosalita
  • Mosey out the back of the parking lot over to Church Street
    • Break into two groups:
      • Group 1 perform step ups while Group 2 runs to telephone pole and completes diamond merkins
      • Flapjack / repeat
    • Mosey back to the Shelter for COT


  • Almost a full tour of the AO this morning.
  • Glad to have FNG Hatfield (last name McCoy) out with us this morning. He had to take a breather after the 11’s but returned in time for COT.
  • GOP back in the mix after dealing with some injuries. Glad the body is feeling better.
  • Koala saved YHC from putting his face in a spider web. #muchappreciated
  • Redgrave’s F3 shirt resurfaced and he looked great rocking it today.
  • Doherty and Slaughter were pacing the pack on the 11’s today.
  • Old age is hitting Biff hard. He couldn’t remember if he was 26 or 29 during COT.  #theysayitgetsworse
  • Old age isn’t in Jedi’s vocabulary. Even after a giant puddle from Hurricane Irma threatened to swallow him whole a couple of weeks ago, Jedi keeps coming back week after week.  #legacy
  • Speaking of consistency, Country, Gridlock, Happy, and Pipeline continue to set the bar high. And on top of that, Country somehow manages to sneak in great action shots of every workout.
  • Fruit of the Loom carried the torch last week. Orlando (with Hillary) will co-carry the torch next week.


Thanks to Pipeline and Slaughter for the opportunity to Q.

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