Hissy Fit

28 Men of Core posted for @F3Metro’s favorite workout, #AchillesLastStand
With very little fanfare, we got after…

That Thang:
Mosey to Senator Ramos’ Office for COP (SSH, IW, MC, Copperhead Squats)
Run away from massive dump truck bearing down on us.

Regroup near Barclay Downs for Trail Running Circuits. Run down the trail to the track, 7 burpees. Back up top for 7 situps. Repeat with 6/6, 5/5 etc down to 1.

Pull the plug after several rounds due to a super dark trail (watch out for that metal post holder! Sorry @Pigskin, and thanks for providing the light so no one else wipes out), also we were taking a long time and we had stuff to do.

Down to the map for Pusherama/Ab-erama
10x Merkins/10x Rosalita
10x Wide Arms/10x Freddy Mercury
8x Diamonds/10x Dolly
8x Stagger R/10x Flutters
8x Stagger L/10x Heels to Heaven

Mosey across the Lower 40 and up to the MPHS entrance road, at which point @Grapevine threw a hissy fit because he thought we had violated some mythological CORE boundaries (they don’t exist, just like unicorns and rational thought on social media). Also, he knew it was going to be hard.

Anyway, we did some burpee suicides. Run to the first tree for 5 burpees, run back for 5 WW2 situps. Up to the street light, 5 burpees and back for 5 WW2. Up to the top, 5 burpees, back for 5 WW2.  Plankorama led by Steroid while the pax regroups. Pull the plug on a planned Round 2.

Mosey back down and across the Lower 40 and up to the back of New Selwyn.
Grab some wall for people’s chair. Air presses x 20, donkey kicks x5. Rinse and repeat

Mosey up to Senator Ramos’ annex and grab some short wall. 15 dips, 15 derkins, 15 step ups each leg.

Jailbreak back to the start.
Mary:  LBCs, Obliques L/R, Heels to Heaven, Protractor while we wait on dada to finish their killer live version of Dizz Knee Land.

Good group out there getting after it today, including the @Spooky Family x3. TClaps for getting those young-uns up and at em at zero dark thirty. Then you have @Horse and @Money, who show up with their lunch pail every week and put in work. Strong, gentlemen.

Lots of chatter about the dark trail, especially after @Pigskin took a tumble on the edge of the hole right in the middle. Sorry boys, last few times we’ve been down there it was much brighter. Pulled the plug after a few rounds to make sure no one else was injured.

Nice to get a visit from the Home Office today (@OBT). Apparently he has a bad hammy and was hoping to drop by CORE and rest it a bit. #Cobains brother…we did a bit more running today (2.3m) than is typical for Core, so hopefully the leg held up ok.

@Grapevine has issues with boundaries. Just sayin.

The usual suspects were killing it up front all day: @GAAP, @Grapevine, @Torpedo, @Steroid, @Wahoo and others I couldn’t see from the back.  Also, did I mention it was dark??  Glad to have @Nutt back as a regular in the Gloom.

Today’s Playlist:
And the Cradle Will Rock (Van Halen)
Always on the Run (Lenny Kravitz)
We Will Rock You (Queen)
Jumpin Jack Flash (Stones)
Walk (Foooooooos)
Shake a Leg (AC/DC)
Whole Lotta Love (Led Zep)
Paint it Black (Stones)
All Along the Watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)
Live and Let Die (Guns N Roses)
Dizz Knee Land (dada)

Billingsville tutoring at 4:30, around the back

We still need Q’s for CORE.  Sign up, you’ll be glad you did:


Core Anniversary party, 10/8 at 4:00, Motley’s house. No sleepovers allowed.

Holdouts are playing Wednesday 9/27, 7-10pm at Macs Speed Shop, South Blvd, with special guest @Raid on guitar.  @Kiefer is a hard commit.  We’ll see…

@Shatner with a great takeout and a nod to his neighbor Dean Otto, who was featured in Sunday’s paper, regarding his recovery from a major accident. If you haven’t read the article, here’s the link. The story embodies all that is good about F3, even for someone who is not a part of F3


Always an honor to lead this great group. Have a great week,

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