Are You Silly? I’m Still Gonna Send It

Its everyday Bro…

Came up with a plan that looked good on paper but YHC immediately starting having second thoughts during the warm-up mosey.  Wondered to myself if an audible was needed.  Are you silly? I’m still gonna send it.

The Thang
Warm-up lap around outside of Bastion AO (sidewalks) ending up in the low, low, low parking lot
Plank for the Six
Circle up: SSH x 30/ Mountain Climbers x 20

Mosey across Providence to Eddies Too parking
Plank for the Six
Circle up: Merkins x 15/ Flutters x 20

Parking lot suicides

Cross over Sharon Amity down to Woodlark

C-Rock Chainsaw
Up and down each street off Woodlark
X-Fit Merkins x 12 @ start of street/ LBC x 15 @ end of street
5 streets total: Ferncliff/ Audubon/ Andover/ Chelmsford/ Cheltenham
Mary at end of Cheltenham waiting for the Six

Up Randolph to other side of Woodlark
Run Woodlark stopping at each road hump (3 total) for Burpees x 7
Plank at Sharon Amity for the Six

Head home – stopping at sidewalk rail in front of Eddies Too
People’s Chair with Air Presses until determined speed walker passes
Dips x 20
Return to Shovel Flag at 6:15 exactly

Keep Titan in your thoughts as he is sidelined indefinitely.

Make time to support Metro’s many awesome weekly outreach programs:
Billingsville Elem
AG Bulldogs Matter

Despite being the end of September, it was hot this AM.  Looking forward to autumn temps before it gets chilly.

Covered close to 3.5 miles today without going too far.  Love running the streets off Woodlark.

No surprise: Chalet, Hollins and Rock out front all morning.  Grizzly catching up near the end.  Double Eagle brought both his smoke boots and mumble chatter.  Fake News working his way towards the front.

Cobains to Sparty and Halfpipe who got separated from the Pax while running the Chainsaw.  At the end of Cheltenham, YHC went back to collect the Six except there wasn’t anyone around.  Thought we would meet up on our run down Woodlark but no luck.  Sounds like there was confusion on where the Chainsaw ended – looking for us on Woodlark not Cheltenham. YHC promises to do better with the details going forward.

Appreciate the Pax support today.  Always an honor to Q the beasts of Bastion.  Thanks to Hollins for the opportunity to lead as well as taking us out.




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