Dredd? NOT!

18 men embraced the Freedom Park gloom on a (humid) late September morning in the QC.  A 3/4 mile mosey around the lake that started and ended with Kettlebells and included workout stations in between proved to get the juices flowing.  Mumble chatter started early and increased in intensity as the size of Phoenix kettlebell was called into question and was quickly surmised to be more of a fishing weight than an actual bell.  This denigrated quickly into Phoenix exclaiming that he would soon show us the POLE that he fished with, which made me thankful that Kiefer then pulled up to divert the mumble chatter to other matters.  Who is Georgia playing again?

This being my Virgin Q, I tried to recall as much as I could from the veterans who have run the many CORE workouts I have participated in over this past year since joining F3.  Since I couldn’t remember a damn thing, I came up with this:

COP– SSH x10, Mountain Climbers x10, Burpees x5

Station #1 

-Ballchinnians/Hammercurls x15

-Tricep Extensions x15

-Lawnmowers (Right x8, Left x8)

*Rinse and Repeat*

MOSEY to south end of Freedom Park’s Lake and circle up

Station #2

-Flutters x10

-Merkins x10

-LBCs x10

*Rinse and Repeat*

MOSEY to Northeast side of Lake and circle up

Station #3

-Rosalitas x10

-Diamonds x10

-WW2 Situps x10

*Rinse and Repeat*

MOSEY to West side of Lake and circle up

Station #4

-Russian Twists x10

-Dry Docks x10

-Oblique Crunches (Right x10, Left x10)

MOSEY back to parking lot

Back to Station #1

-Goblet (or GOBLIN around Halloween) Squats x15

-Overhead Press x15

-Ballchinnians/Hammercurls x15

-Tricep Extensions x15

-Heels to Heaven x15

-Various stretches



  • Core Anniversary party, 10/8 at 4:00, Motley’s house.  If you can help out/volunteer with planning, please do so as Motley has been under the weather.
  • Billingsville reminder- help out the kids and bring your 2.0’s for after school tutoring every Tuesday at 4.30pm.
  • Kiefer’s Bday party is on Oct 21 and will include bowling as well as lots of talk about Georgia football… don’t miss this!
  • MIP- MISSION I’M POSSIBLE is a workout EVERY Saturday morning at 9am at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.  We need Q’s for this workout benefitting men who are suffering from addictions.  Come on out and help.

Fantastic takeout prayer (as always) by our very own Reverend Flo-Rida.  Thank you brother.


It really happened around Station #3 during the WW2 situps.  We had a Dredd sighting.  Dredd, founder of F3, approached us quietly from the south at about a 10 minute pace and silent as the grave.  Realizing I would mercifully be spared from Q-ing the remainder of the workout and that this former Army Ranger would take over, I relaxed a bit.  Then as fast as he appeared to the PAX… in our midst and running right through our workout circle… POOF!  He was gone… back to the mist from which he came.  Like Kaiser Soze from The Usual Suspects.  Damn.  Guess I have to finish this Q thing myself and see if it is physically possible to silence all this God-foresaken mumble chatter and finish strong with something resembling a real workout.

Now that I have lost my Q virginity, I have to say it was a pleasure and I appreciated the big crowd.  This group of men has been a very positive influence on my life over the past year and I cannot tell you how much that has meant to me.  God bless each and every one of you, the men of #F3Metro.

2 thoughts on “Dredd? NOT!

  • September 28, 2017 at 11:55 am

    It’s the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled.

    More like 7:50/m by the way Brother.

  • September 28, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    The greatest trick [DRedd] ever pulled…Convincing [F3Metro] he [ran a 7:50/m pace].

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