Mosey with bells to parking lot by DES fields


Two hand swings x30

Lawn mowers 10R, 10L

Push Press 10R, 10L

Racked front squat 10R, 10L

KB complex (all done in sequence without dropping bell)

⁃          20 two hand swings

⁃          5 right arm cleans

⁃          5 right arm racked front squats

⁃          5 right arm push press

⁃          5 right arm racked lunges

Flapjack complex with left arm

Warm up lap around the fields


Main event

Line up facing Euclid

4 rounds of KB complex (alternating right arm and left arm)

⁃          20 two hand swings

⁃          5 cleans

⁃          5 racked front squat

⁃          5 push press

⁃          5 overhead walking lunges

AYG lap around fields

We got through 3 rounds.  Early finishers wrapped up with some lawn mowers and two hand swings.



Today’s crew was a great mix of new guys, regulars, and kotters. The age spectrum was well represented also. Awesome to see Riddler and Shooter back out after their first taste of bells and sprints last week. Also great to see Sunshine putting in the work regularly again (congrats on the good news). I had to do a double take when I first walked up at the start to make sure that actually was Nibbler I was seeing. Your presence at Combine has been missed. It felt like the old days out there with Nibbler and KC bringing the mumble chatter.

I think I need to make KB complexes a standard routine. The low rep count on each movement is deceptive at first, but not putting the bell on the ground really adds up.  Good work by all out there.


⁃          Trip to Peru is coming together. Contact TML, KC, or Fruit of the Loom if interested.

⁃          KC is looking for volunteers to help out at Billingsville Elementary on Tuesdays.

Thanks for the takeout Ceaser.

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