Peru Mission Trip Preblast

Metro, it’s time to unveil the men who will be taking part in the 2018 mission trip to Chimbote, Peru.  23 men are now hard committed, and is it ever an all-star crew.  I’ve loosely categorized them into Returning Vets (virtually every man that was on the trip last January HC’d to return before we even got back home), Waywards (other men of Waypoint Community Church that felt called to join the vets), the Core Crew (men from Core, representing the heart and soul of Metro), the Cyclists (men who zig when others zag, who question everything, who are wary of the perils of boot camp groupthink), and Other Studs, who deserve their own categories.


I couldn’t be more excited to serve with these men and see what God has in store for us.  As I’ve shared with many of you, the last trip was a game changer for me as it was for many of the others who went.  And this time we will be joined by many more of our F3 brothers.  For those of you who felt called to go this time but just couldn’t make the timing work, rest assured we will be going back.  For anyone else who has a change of heart and feels called to go on this trip, we have room for a couple more men. We will need to know soon, however.  Just reach out to TML or KC.


Here’s Dredd’s post after the trip in January:







Your Returning Veterans:

Kickin’ Chicken –Cheerleading, baby kissing, spirit-filled redneck from SC.  This man is the reason we went last time and one of the main reasons we are going back.

Keith Guercio – the reason Robby went in the first place.  Unelected mayor of Chimbote.  Veteran of umpteen trips.  F3 refusenik to this point (but don’t see how he escapes it after this trip).

Dredd – Your Nantan, ‘nuff said.

Fruit of the Loom – Combine regular.  Home builder.  Best attitude, roll up your sleeves, get-r-done travel companion you can imagine.

GOP – Unofficial lead photographer for the mission.  Adopted by friends of Chimbote as one of their own due to size and attitude.  Someone will be assigned to him at all times to avoid SIM Card moments.

Slaughter – unofficial lead cinematographer for the mission.  Metro Outreach Q (although he has some sort of corporate position now as well).  Best Spanish outside of Keith.  Popular particularly with the ladies of Chimbote.

TML – Unofficial man nipples of the trip.  You can’t really figure out his purpose, but it would somehow feel strange if he weren’t there.



Josh Gelinas – another pre-trip F3 refusenik that will likely be headlocked at some point in the journey.

Monkey Feet – badass, unphasable.

Sir Topham Hat – a little worried about the attitude with this one.

Cougar – not easy to focus on form in Chimbote, but Coug will help keep us in line nonetheless.

Matlock – finally succumbed to the KC headlock and will be an awesome addition to the trip.

JRR Tolkien – seen him enough at Waypoint lately to put him in this group.  Unofficial lead marketing agent for the trip.  Fighting Mongol.


Core Crew:

Do Re Mi – Core godfather.

Pigskin – probably the first HC to the trip outside of the returning vets.

Rev Florida – shy and unassuming.  Hopefully will come out of his shell a bit on the trip.

Phoenix – yet another awesome attitude guy.



Strummer – already voted best hair.

Moniteur – F3 OG.  Not sure if he still answers to Moniteur, but I’m damn glad he will be there.


Other Studs:

Checkpoint – he’s old so I’m a little worried about his fitness level.

Boyscout – see Checkpoint.

Backup – just finished Table Rock Ultra, but is not a runner.

Sweeper Boy – Like STH, I have some concerns with attitude here, but we will get through it.




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