PAX started moving and was blessed with a beautiful day, perfect for a mosey in search of some solitude.  This is what we did:

Circle up – 10 SSHs, 10 IWs,  10 Mtn Climbers, 10 LBCs, 10 SSHs off we went out the back of MPTS to Wellesley (left) to Hastings – about half way day stopped at Van Winkle’s house doing MLS (10 each of: merkins (diamonds, regular and wide arms), lunges, squats) till PAX is together.

Continue down Hastings left on QR West then right on Westfield.  Stopped part way down Westfield for some more MLS as the six caught up.

Continue down Westfield catching the thread trail – finally a bit more of solitude was found as the PAX caught up at Hillside with MLS being done with ease.

A few 10 counts later and we did a u turn back up the trail till it ran out near Irby. left on Irby, left on Jameison catching the Ruth Samuelson section of the tread trail (solitude at its best).   More MLS for the six to catch up then down the trail into the gloom and the beauty and quiet took over.  The PAX soaked it in.

Took a dirt trail up to Wellesley and assembled the PAX.  More MLS with some LBCs thrown in as well.  Up Wellesley and back to the AO.  Kiefer once again took a detour – but who was surprised?

Back at the AO we finish up with some Merry after 3 miles of mosey.

We are blessed with a great AO with its location near the thread trail.  Gratitude to those who made the trail happen – Ruth thank you!

CORE anniversary party, Mission I am Possible and Fortitude need more support, Billingsville and AG need more volunteers as well.

Hall Pass took us out.

A pleasure to Q this group of men!

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