A Series of Decisions

This workout got a backblast because Daisy said “now you have to write a backblast”.  That’s the reason.

YHC had the Q and at 6;00 YHC was the only one in the parking lot.  At 6:02, YHC was still the only one in the parking lot.

Decision 1: Go home, proceed with the workout as planned, or head out for a run.

The choice was to head out for a run.

Decision 2: Head up Randolph toward uptown for a while and then head back, head the other direction down Randolph toward the Mint and then back, or run around Eastover.


The workout ran up Fenton to Providence by Panara, left on Providence to the Gold Man, left on Providence, and then left on Colville.

It was a nice little run, and honestly I was totally content with finishing that short run and getting home in plenty of time for a leisurely cup of coffee while feeling good about myself for getting something done when even on my own.  But a few funny things happened.  First, there was an unmistakable gathering of F3 guys in the Christ Church parking lot with the just as unmistakable post-workout body language.

“What workout is that” I wondered to myself.  No clue.  If there’s a Friday morning workout over here, I don’t know what it is.

A few minutes later I was cruising down Colville with my determined face and slow pace when a car approached from behind.  I got out of the way but the car slowed to a stop anyway.  It was Daisy and Whim.  That workout finishing up was the Friday speed ruck.

Car: Where is everybody?

Me: It’s just me.

Car: A no-show?

Me: Yeah I guess so.

Naturally I was thinking “you guys are off the hook, I’m going to finish this, you guys go home, and I’ll see you on Monday.”

Nah, Daisy pulled over and parked the car.  My run turned into a ring run.  Of sorts.

Five steps into our group run, Daisy said “you have to write a backblast now”.  Sonofaaaa…

Fine.  We ran to the next corning and did 20 merkins and some LBCs.

We ran down Eastover to the front of the Mint by the fountain.  We did some real crunches while we were there.

I wanted to test out something I am thinking about for Monday morning’s Copperhead workout.  Given the state of this workout already, hey, try whatever you want right?

Repeat 3 broad jumps and a burpee from the fountain to the island by the sundial. I thought that was a drag, so that means it’ll probably work.  I’ll go ahead and keep it in the plan.

From there we ran out of the Mint parking lot and up Randolph to the 5-way intersection.  We turned the corner down Colville back to the parking lot where we found we had about 5 minutes left.  So let’s go back to the beginning – the beginning that we all missed.

20 ssh

10 burpees

20 mountain climbers

15 squats

15 merkins.

Whim and Daisy, I wasn’t that fired up to see you when you stopped, but at the end of the workout, I was glad you did.  If I had decided to call it a day at 6:02, there would have been no workout at all.  If I had decided to take either of the first two route options, I would have never seen my friends.

It all worked out for the best.

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