Baryshnikovs and Kayoke: Droppin that mike

You’re not going to find many better Saturday mornings to work out.  I’m grateful to the 12 other guys who came out to enjoy it with me.

This policy of working out in front of the Rescue Mission for the first few minutes is a winner.  We can start and end the workouts on time, we can pick up any stragglers that get out of class late (or whatever else they have going on), and we can advertise to the other guys that any of them could be out here doing this with us.  There’s no better advertising than being right in front of the guys showing them what they’re missing.

20 ssh

5 burpees

15 mountain climbers

15 squats

10 merkins

20 real crunches

15 IW

15 windmills

Head downhill

Plank and bicycles to regroup.

Head to the football field.

Five broad jumps and a burpee until midfield.  Run it out to the other end.  Plank.

While planking, 6”, regular x4.

Bear crawl to midfield and run the rest of the way.

Some ab exercises.

Lunge walk to midfield and run it out to the other end.  Plank.

Karaoke one way to midfield the switch for the rest.

I am pretty sure this is where we did the Barishnikovs.

Skip to midfield and run it out.

Side shuffle one way to midfield and then switch for the rest.

I’m probably missing one.  Seems like we ran backwards, and yeah, I’m definitely missing one.  This is what happens when you make up a workout as you go.

Anyway, over to the long, steep bank.

Run up the hill backwards and then back down forwards 3 times.  Smoked the quads.

Run back to the bottom of 1st and do some planks, side planks, and a few other things to regroup.

After we all got together, we started up 1st.  First, there are 6 trees on the right, so we sprinted to the first and did a burpee, sprinted to the second and did 2 burpees, and so on up to 6.  Then fellowship pace up the hill in toward COT.

Just a bunch of guys enjoying a perfect morning and leaving it all out there today.

Welcome FNGs Oiler, Bestie, and Spaghetti.

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