Charlotte’s Yosemite?

On this day in 1890 Yosemite was officially established.  So in memory of that we moseyed through Freedom Park and the greenway (Charlotte’s answer to Yosemite, established in 1949) and back.

These are the details:

  • started at Freedom Park’s entrance on Princeton, running through the park to East left up to Garden Terrance to and up to do some merry (10 each of SSH, IW, Mtn Climbers)
  • Up to Loop Road, take a right, left on Blythe and down to the greenway, under Morehead and up to the clock (across from the Framer’s Market), incline merkins, stretching on your own
  • Turn around and back down the greenway, under East, stretch on your own,
  • Finish the run through Freedom Park and back to Princeton
  • 3.25 miles.

Core party Oct 8 at Motley’s.

Q took us out.  Grateful for this day, help keep us grounded and count our blessings!

A pleasure to Q these men!  Aye!


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