Let There Be Light

Serpentine Run to the Selwyn Elementary bus lot for SSHs, Merkins, LBCs and Mountain Climbers.

Run to Folsom Prison for 11s (Dips and Derkins) and then a mini Plank/Ab-o-Rama.

Run to Selwyn Elementary entrance on Colony for Lunge Walk to light post and Bear Crawl to next light post.

Partner up and Partner 1 runs up the hill around the tree/loop behind Folsom Prison and back while Partner 2 does stated exercise then flapjack.  Round 1: Merkins.  Round 2: LBCs.  Round 3: Mountain Climbers.  Round 4: Turkish Get Ups.  Round 5: Burpees.  An abbreviated Plank/Ab-o-Rama followed (incoming traffic).

Run out and on to Colony, up to the Brickyard and up to the end of the AG football field for the rest of said Plank/Ab-o-Rama.

Indian Run to the far end of the AG track followed by a lap of the track with 25 LBCs at each “corner” followed by a small lap of the AG parking lot with 12 Crossfit Merkins at each corner.

Run to the starting point for CoT.

Thanks to CMS for finally replacing a few street lamp lightbulbs for us.  #darkCoT

Too many refuseniks on things like bear Crawls, Turkish Get Ups and Burpees.

Crossfit Merkins are sneaky hard.

Thanks to Frankie Five Angels for the takeout.

A privilege and honor for me to lead.  Thank you.

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