Push it!

10 brave souls ventured out into the Midwood gloom for some exercise and more running than they’re used to.  Time to push the envelope a little.

3 of those 10 received EC with 3 miles before the launch (YHC, Missing De, and Slaughter).

The Thang:

Run to Club Rd/Belverder for warmup (20 SSH, 15 merkins, 10 IW).

4 corners using the Club Rd oval (10 merkins, 10 diamonds, 10 wide arms, 10 Caolina dry docks).  x2

Run to Nandina hill, via Belvedere, Ashland, Tippah, Landis, and Hamorton.

Stopped along Landis for impromptu shoulder smoker.  Dig your concrete block from the dirt pile for 10 overhead press, 10 hammer curls, 8 OH press, 8 hammers, 6 OH press, 6 hammers.

Once to Nandina St, Jacobs ladder with burpees.

Had to cut short after only making it to 5 trips up in order to make the b-line back to the park before time ran out.

Various chest exercises and lunges along the trip back.


4 miles after this one.  Pretty solid for a 45 min workout.  The pax were feeling it during the last stretch run up the slight uphill grade of Tippah.  There were no 10 counts or Good Mornings (sorry Pipe and Slauts) to save them either.

Gui and Primanti were booking it around the 4 corners.  Gui had been MIA for sometime.  Welcome back!

Kudos to Billy Ray and Holdout (our pax with knee surgery pasts).  These Midwood hills aren’t easy on the knees. Billy Ray was spotted doing squats during the Jacobs ladder, which I’m not totally sure are better, but he said they were.  Who am I to argue?

There was a Rube spotting on Nandina.  YHC had no idea that’s where he lived.  Just a little Midwood nugget.

My apologies to the M’s for the off road excursion into the dirt pile for the concrete coupons.  Slauts outfit was ruined.

I’ll thank myself for taking us out and Pipeline for the keys.

Until the next time,

Mr. Bo


3 thoughts on “Push it!

  • October 2, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Rube sighting: could have been holding somebody else’s baby on someone’s else porch.

  • October 3, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Rube could’ve been trespassing. He even went in the house with the baby so, he’s added breaking and entering as well now.
    I heard Penny had a half mara he was training for. Not sure if that’s right or when its happening or happened though.

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