Vocabulary lesson

5 pax answered the call and assembled in the mint parking lot for Cherokee

The Thang:

Lap around the parking lot to a COP at the fountain (SSH and IW in cadence)

The entrée:

OYO: 100 Burpees,

150 Calf Raises (50 regular, 50 toes outward and 50 toes inward),

100 Rockhoppers,

100 Merkins,

100 Deep Squats,

200 LBCs,

100 Carolin Dry Docks,

100 Polish Twists,

100 Jump Squats,

100 Mountain Climbers,

100 Lunges,

100 Dollies,

A lap around the parking lot after completing each group of exercises.



Nobody liked this workout, it sucks. It’s you verses you and hard to complete before time is called. It does provided with ample opportunity for mumble chatter. Tantrum provided us with a vocabulary lesson. Other topics disused include eating habits of women, boy scout pop corn sales and car mechanics who don’t speak english. Thank you Tantrum and Cannoli for the keys. It’s always an honor to lead at my favorite Saturday metro workout.


MIP is looking for Qs, consider joining and leading this 9 am Saturday workout at the Charlotte Rescue Mission. It helps struggling men and it’s good for your soul.

Charlotte Marathon is in November, if you are running you should know by now.

Thanks Deer Tick for the take out.


God Speed,

Eye Chart


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