so much fun we had to do it again

23 brave souls showed up to get after it on tryon st

The thang:

on the platform — 20x ssh, 20x merkins, 20x lbc, 20x IW

we then moseyed over to the area behind auto bell — we partnered up and ran opposite directions around the block 3x stoping at 2 of the corners for exercises — 10x merkin at one and 10x squat at the other then doing 10x partner merkins when we passed by eachother. We did a few exercises waiting for the 6 then —

we moseyed across the street and up the hill to do some 2 man grinders — we did 3 trips each merkins, then lbc, then squats

Management change — Hillary took over from Orlando at this point

we moseyed  back acorss Tryon and over to the rock pile to get a big coupon — we did 12x of tricep curl, regular curls, then Hillary made of some “start the  lawnmover “move he had us all do with each arm

we then did a two man grinder where one partner carried the rock to the top of the hill while the other partner did merkins — we did that 3 times until a car came and we then moseyed over to the uhaul center where we did a wall sit then the four corner of the building doing 10x reach arounds  then we planked waiting on the 6.  We then headed back to home base — did a few more ab exercises waiting on the 6



lots of smack talking out there today — Hillary was talking smack to Mr Bo, I was talking smack to Hillary and Harbough was talking smack to me which I then returned the favor to him.

Somebody check the book of exercises for the reach around — Jedi called it the first date — not sure if it has a name?  then how about the start the lawnmower ?  maybe rev flo rida made that up?

also Hillary needs to learn how to count better — we were doing wall sits where he said 10 seconds more then waited about a minute to end it? ( we want these guys to come back)

Happy was making his usually Happy sounds  — it makes me laugh ( you should come just to meet this guy– he is deaf)


Spoons showed up with 6 pairs of size 14 shoes — those were needed!

no other announcements that I can remember?

I started the prayer and had many contributors!


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to lead this group,


H and O



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