The Curious Case of the Missing SIB Backblast on Sharon Rd

So 10 respectable human beings and 1 minion Horn set off on a journey to accomplish three things:

  1. Exercise the cunt demons
  2. Improve their 8k trail race speed
  3. Find the missing SIB BB from 09/19 on Sharon Rd

1 mile quickish mosey to the scene of the crime.  Harris Rd.  1 minute 8k trail race pace.  That took us to Providence Rd.  Left down Providence Rd to Vernon Rd.  4 Vernon Hill repeats.  Mosey across Wendover.  Another 8k trail race pace all the way to Providence Rd.  Left on Providence Rd.  Right on DreddCliff.  Or Nashcliff.  8k trail race pace to TIP HQ’s.  Mosey to the #24 loop.  10 minutes of 8k trail race pace up the hill and backwards down the hill.  Mosey across SHARON RD.  8k trail race pace to Colony.  That is far.  Mosey home.  Just a simple 7.5 miles.  Get some bitches.

Results from the 3 tasks mentioned above:

  1. Exercise the cunt demons:  PASS. Seeing how we had all parties involved and since I missed the fun 2 weeks ago, I wanted to see what Harris Rd was all about.  After nothing happened the first 30 seconds, I purposely screwed up the time.  Still nothing.  Nobody yelled at me.  I made fun of myself to see if I would yell at me.  Crickets.  The only sound you could hear were Nash and Fish’s headlamps melting the asphalt.
  2. Improve their 8k trail race speed:  8 passes, 2 fails, and 1 DQ.  Breaking news…I am not a professional running coach.  Nor is 99% of the people that claim to be.  #coach  I don’t have a 10k, 5k, or 29k pace.  I just run as fast as I can when I’m told to run.  However it does seem as if Rings and Boomer have perfected the power walk.  And since Minion Horn doesn’t have any legs and left before COT, he get’s a DQ.
  3. Find the missing SIB BB from 09/19 on Sharon Rd:  FAIL.  This was a fail from the start.  Stating the obvious here:  someone moved both the 09/19 SIB BB and Sharon Rd at the same time.  So being my first SIB Q this year, I wanted to get some ideas from previous SIB’s.  Since last week was Tolkien’s #coolrunnings tryouts, that didn’t count.  Then I went to the previous weeks.  Ummmmm….where is it?  There was one right?  I sort of remember there being one.  I even think I might have made a comment or two on it.  Now that I think about it, there WAS one.  It was the return of the BF.  Who dunnit?  Why?  The workout wasn’t up to standard?  Didn’t use the right format for the new website that Hitman endorses?  Were things “said” that people regret?  It probably just disappeared.  So many questions but glad we are all adults.  And have disagreements.  And have arguments.  And say dumb shit.  And not take things personal.  You know how kind of like how LIFE works.  And with that being said, I’m done with #cuntgate/#bastardgate.

And whoever kept on renaming Sharon Rd this morning is going to get donkey punched.  I’m looking at you Daniel Sr.

Ohhhh…one last thing.  Whoever removed the SIB BB, thanks for hitting the game winner for me.  #11-10

1 Announcement:  Give Nash some money to push Owen around for 26.2 miles while he watches all 3 JAWS.  And yes, he will be wearing 3-D glasses for Jaws 3.

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